Are There Any Authentic Telecommuting Job Sites?


You’ve seen the ads. In fact, you’ve seen them in great abundance. They open with big headlines that read “Work from Home” and then go on to explain how you might be stuffing envelopes or making products from the comfort of home. In the end, most of these offers are not viable ways to work from home, and you might start to feel as if there really isn’t a field in which telecommuting or working independently exist.

The good news is that you would be wrong in thinking that. There are many realistic ways to work from home and these include the many authentic telecommuting job sites looking for people like you.

Getting Started With Actual Telecommuting Job Sites

Of course, you won’t be hired out of a desire to work from home, alone. You need to understand just what it is you have to offer that the companies actively seeking telecommuters want. For example, to work from home you will usually require:

  • A modern laptop or desktop computer
  • A good Internet connection
  • A dedicated space in which to work and store equipment, documentation, and so on
  • Commitment to deadlines
  • Self-motivation
  • The ability to focus on the task at hand; disconnecting yourself from the temptations surrounding you at home (the dishes in the sink, the Netflix binging urge, the projects in the dining room, and so on)
  • Interest in the niche or field you choose
  • Basic job skills such as good communication, an ability to follow instructions, and so on

If you have these basics, you should be able to find many ways to work from home at the most realistic telecommuting job sites. Yet, you don’t have to be at all general in your search. You can start to scout around for work in an area of specific interest or experience. For example, if you are interested in a specific sort of research or you excel with customer service, there are authentic telecommuting job sites for you.

That means that the first step is to consider whether you are eager to just get started in anything that lets you work from home, OR you want to do something for which you already have a passion. This can help in the job search as it will allow you to get more specific in your search terms.

As many experts advise, if you are sincere in your desire to telecommute, you will want to begin the hunt at a site like flexjobs that has listings of firms authentically seeking work from home teams and staff.

In fact, they are a wonderful resource, and one of the first places to turn as you decide where to focus your energies. While we are always big advocates of creating passive income via activities like affiliate marketing, you might also find that you can enhance possible earnings by exploring these legitimate telecommuting job options:

  • Audio Transcriptionist
  • Traditional transcription
  • Online tutoring/teaching
  • Freelance researcher
  • Freelance writer
  • Resume writer
  • Customer service specialist
  • Blogger

It is important to remember that there are sure to be more and more ways to work from home and earn a good living. An article in Forbes indicated that “the percentage of workers doing all or some of their work at home increased from 19% in 2003 to 24% in 2015, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.”

The article went on to explain that the industries relying more and more on telecommuting ranged from management and finance to computer technology, government, business and health, with almost 70% of people questioned in the article noting they intend to work from home in the near future.

With that in mind, here is our list of the top websites to use for finding and contacting genuine telecommuting job sites and offers:

AngeList – Focusing on jobs from startups, it requires you to create an account profile and submit resume information. It can then generate results based on your needs, including telecommuting and work from home.

Glassdoor – Here too, you need to upload a resume and enter the terms and location you wish to explore. The site is dedicated to transparency and even offers lists of top places to work.

Indeed – A highly ranked site for finding jobs, it requires a resume and is free to use. It is definitely one of the most comprehensive of telecommuting job sites and has more than 700k postings at any given time. Search by telecommuting or work from home and your zip code to get the most up to date listings.

Jobspresso – This is a site designed specifically for remote workers. The jobs emphasize tech, customer support and marketing, but there is an ever-expanding mixture of “other” options. Just do a keyword or location search and see what is in your area, or anywhere else on the planet!

PowerToFly – Designed for women, by women and meant to help them find work that matches their needs – including telecommuting job sites. You need to create a profile and upload a resume, but you will find that this site is very targeted to a woman’s specific career goals.

Remote OK This is a site designed for the world’s modern “digital nomads” and you need only enter the keywords associated with the work you do (i.e. Admin assistant, designer, and so on) and it lets you locate all of the remote jobs in that area. There are no geographic locations because the only jobs listed are those that emphasize remote workers.

Remotive – This is yet another of the telecommuting job sites that emphasizes the remote workforce. You will not find a single job which demands time in the office and you can find work in almost any niche or industry. There are around 25k or more opportunities listed at any time.

Skip The Drive – Browse by category and find both telecommuting job sites and remote worker jobs. The fields are endless with everything from insurance to consulting and project management to Linux.

ZipRecruiter – This site is ideal for those seeking ways to work from home and it even has specific statistics and data about this approach to employment. Just enter work from home and your location and it generates a list of all active postings. You will need to submit a resume and the site may even qualify or disqualify you based on the data the resume contains.

Virtual Vocations – With a tagline that reads “All telecommute jobs. All in one place” you know you are bound to find authentic work opportunities. The site has only screened job options and also provides useful tools for those who are eager to improve their chances at getting work from home opportunities by offering up e-courses and helpful downloads.

We Work Remotely – The site is a bit more basic than others but does reassure potential employers that they are going to find the most qualified people in the most unexpected places. The jobs are available in fields as general as copywriting but as specific as programming and management, too. You will find some truly unique opportunities at this site, but most require a more advanced level of skill than the “beginner”.

Working Nomads – The term digital nomad (which we used a bit earlier) is put to use by millions of people who move around from country to country; but who use the Internet for their daily work. Most are doing this to optimize the currency in which they are paid. This site is designed almost specifically for those, but is also great for anyone seeking valid ways to work from home and authentic telecommuting job sites.

Getting Started with Telecommuting Job Sites

As we have discovered, you can get started with telecommuting job sites in a very general way. For instance, you can just use a search engine like Google to enter a phrase like “audio transcription jobs” and then your area or “work from home”. This can be a good way to discover if there are specific options. We have written other articles about transcriptionist jobs and suggest you take a look at them for in-depth suggestions.

However, you can also use the different search engines we also provided and start exploring the fields of interest to you or in which you already have experience. Working for employers is one of the most reassuring ways to work from home, of course, but you can also work independently.

Working Independently Without Telecommuting Job Sites

There are many ways that you can work from home or entirely independently without also logging hours for an official employer. As we mentioned earlier, one of our preferred methods is through affiliate marketing.

This is when you become what is known as a “publisher”. Your job emphasizes the creation of content. It could be blogs, ebooks, articles, infographics, videos, podcasts and any number of social media items. In the material you create, you discuss topics that relate to products or services you hope to help sell. You never do a hard sell, but instead, create ongoing materials that look specifically at the niche or area of overlap.

As an example, you might make Paleo food videos and write or produce content about Paleo recipes. You might have affiliate relationships with Amazon and a service like Clickbank that allows you to earn income on every sale.

Affiliate marketing is so appealing because, when done properly, can generate high amounts of passive income. This is income that no longer demands your constant input or effort.

Could you possibly merge your work at home efforts with a telecommuting job? Why not? You could scout out a lot of work as a blogger or copywriter and gain tremendous insight into what is trending in social media and the web in general. You can then use this to inform the content you create for your affiliate marketing.

In fact, we strongly urge anyone in any field to consider how to implement some affiliate marketing into the work they do. As an example, you might be someone involved in remote administrative assistance. How could you create affiliate marketing that reflected that work? You can write short blogs, as an expert, about optimal organizational tools and resources. You might then find affiliate opportunities with the office tools, cloud based tools and other resources you discuss in your writing.

Just by whipping up a handful of blogs about the cloud based tools you use, you might generate referral income and start taking in funds for any sales on the items you describe as useful or helpful.

If you are serious about generating a reasonable income from work at home opportunities, it is going to take some dedication and effort. You will need to be serious about the skills you have to offer potential employers and get any experiences or certifications needed to position yourself as an effective candidate.

There are sites like Virtual Vocations that extend free learning opportunities for those serious about starting careers as remote workers. And don’t think you can coast into this sort of work. As we noted, the competition is becoming quite fierce, even as many large-scale employers boost the numbers of at home workers they rely on. Now is, as they say, a sort of ground floor moment to get into remote or telecommuting fields. You only enhance your earnings potential when you have some experience or training to offer.

And don’t neglect to develop a lucrative side gig like affiliate marketing. It is the path to the famous four-hour work week if done properly. Choose an area of personal interest or passion and it all comes a lot more easily. There is plenty of overlap between the work you can find for yourself to do at home and the business you can build with affiliate marketing. Use the tips we have offered here and be sure you have the foundation essential to working on your own. The workplace of the world is changing and whether you opt to become a digital nomad or simply a remote worker tucked comfortably into a home office, the opportunities are there and waiting for you.


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