Can You Really Earn Via InboxDollars?


If you read our article, 11 Online Survey Sites that Could Be Right for You, you learned about the validity of the site known as InboxDollars. This is often described as a survey site, but it is actually a one writer explained  lot more. As it, “InboxDollars is an online business that provides payments to users for receiving and responding to email adverts, surveys, games and other features. The tagline of the website is ‘the online rewards club that pays!'”

And that is the very point we are going to explore in this article – does it actually pay? Can you really earn money through InboxDollars? And to just ruin the ending and cut to the chase – yes, you can. InboxDollars is a legitimate site and one of the very few that provides you with actual cash rather than points or credits to be redeemed for items or other products.

It is a perfect way to earn money in your spare time, and that means it is perfect for just about anyone who can take a survey, watch a video, visit a website, and more. Let’s first look at how it works, ways you can make more money with InboxDollars and then focus on how it is ideal for you.

Using InboxDollars to Earn Income

First and foremost, I would say that anyone can earn money on InboxDollars because it really lets people mix things up. For example, one of the simplest ways to earn money from InboxDollars is by reading emails and clicking a link at the bottom to indicate you have read it or by heading to the advertiser’s website and taking whatever steps are required. Yet, you can also do surveys and more.

The thing about InboxDollars is that it can seem too good to be true. After all, you are sincerely getting paid to do some mindless tasks. Because there are a lot of scam sites that promise the same options, it can be difficult to sign up for yet another and hope you don’t get slammed with hundreds or even thousands of email offers, potential scams and perhaps worse. This is why I want to begin discussing this site by simply reiterating: is legit.

It authentically rewards you as promised and does not require enormous amounts of time to generate insubstantial rewards. You learn this by simply signing up. You are promised a $5 bonus for signing up, confirming your email and answering their initial sign up questionnaire. I don’t mind supplying such details because it can help to get me more specific content in future messages. There was a brief tutorial video and that was it.

Boom – the bonus was mine. So, with reassurance that they live up to their promises, it becomes easier and easier to just start using the site. It is designed to make it super easy to track your earnings, see messages and choose some new activities to do.

You should know that cashing out means earning your first $30, and this comes with a $3 transaction fee. Taking the tutorial explains that this fee is waived if you wait to cash out until you have a balance of $40 in your account. So, that was it, and it was time to start earning. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Reading emails – These are messages sent to the email you used for your account. These typically feature offers for different services or products. You confirm having read it by clicking on the link embedded in the email. This is traced by the InboxDollars site, and it is how you make money from InboxDollars directly. You never have to buy a thing or even sign up with the company advertising through the email. However, I did realize that if you complete offers embedded in emails (usually supplying your email address or other details), you get more in rewards.
  • Web searches – There is a simple to use toolbar from the site and it is another way to earn money from InboxDollars. You download it and begin conducting searches through it. Just by downloading the tool I saw my balance go up by a dollar, and then I get another penny per search, with a cap of a nickel per day. Since my “day job” involves a lot of Internet research, I felt it was worthwhile to earn a few bucks a year just by running five of my dozens of daily searches through this tool.
  • Using Free offers – The site features an area dedicated to free offers. Essentially, this means that I sign up for different services (they never charge you any fees) and get cash for trying out the product or service advertised. The average amounts are from $.25 to $3 and you access them clicking on the “Offers” tab on the home page.

Now, I know that anyone familiar with sites like InboxDollars tends to shy away from free offers because many require you to register a credit card. Here is what we suggest – have a credit card dedicated to your activities on the site and keep track of this if you fear that you will be charged for any free offers. Rest assured, you won’t be, but it can be comfortable to have a separate card for such sites.

You will want to use the free offers because they are one of the fastest ways to pile up the earnings in InboxDollars and this lets you cash out fast and reach the lucrative Gold level quickly, too.

  • Viewing videos – If you have a bit of extra time, this is a simple and easy way to earn money. Keep in mind that it stops working if you open another tab in your browser, shrink it or somehow make it unwatchable. You earn six cents per video, and you get a new batch on a weekly basis. Nothing runs beyond a few minutes, and it is an insanely simple way to quickly rack up earnings through the site.

You can even opt between watching “TV” style shows and random segments of videos from different channels. And you should know that the site often adds a fun lottery ticket feature at the very end of any video – testing you to see if you are indeed watching, but rewarding you with a shot at a prize, too. These vary from a few cents up to $10, so do watch your videos!

  • Surveys – And here we reach the biggest way to make money using InboxDollars. Rates vary widely, and you might get paid less than a dollar for one sort of survey but earn around $10 for another. The subject matter also varies widely, and you will find new opportunities each day. However, I do want to share a pretty important caveat here, and that is that the site is designed to gauge your speed in answering and the answers that compare to your initial input when registering for the sight. If you seem to be blowing through surveys, mindlessly filling in blanks and answering unlike expected, the site is able to detect this. It can actually affect the survey opportunities you are offered in the future – reducing earnings potential. Algorithms…go figure!
  • Playing games – Click on the Games tab and you can register for all kinds of free games. You enjoy the free options of these fee-based games and can opt to join GSN Games to earn cash back rewards. These are done through crediting at the site and can be a remarkably simple way to monetize your “down time”.

How much can you realistically earn? As one experienced user of InboxDollars said, “If you complete 5-10 surveys, read emails and do web searches regularly and watch a few videos each week, you should be able to earn $30” quickly. Remember that $30 is when you can cash out, but you save by holding off for another $10 and then cashing out at $40. Because it can take a bit of effort to make that $3-$4 difference, do what you can to spare yourself the transaction fee.

Strategize to Earn Via InboxDollars

As is the case with almost any activity, particularly those that give you cash in exchange for time, it pays to strategize. In other words, you make money through InboxDollars easily when you know where to direct your attention. The best way to do this is to carefully scrutinize all of the surveys available.

You find them beneath the “Surveys” tab on your homepage. Once you click on it, a navigation area shows you which of the current surveys you qualify to take. This is going to be determined by the answers you provided during your account confirmation. The surveys show the average amount of time needed to complete them and how much you receive for spending the time answering the questions.

Honestly, there is no rhyme or reason behind the payments. You’ll see brief surveys offering $5 and longer surveys offering less than a dollar. And while you are strategizing about the surveys to take in order to earn money through InboxDollars, don’t forget to use the Spin & Win game, if it appears. This is a game that appears when you earn spins, and each spin can win you money, special tokens and a thing known as sweeps.

Sweeps are, essentially, entries into a contest held on the site. For example, you might earn a few dozen sweeps, and you can choose to use all of them into a high paying contest or just use a single entry to take your shot. There are some paying out up to $25 and more regardless of the number of sweeps you use to enter. It’s 100% free money handed over to you just for accumulating points by doing surveys, watching videos and all of the rest. One of the fastest ways to earn sweeps, though, is through the web surfing toolbar, so be sure you have it installed.

As you can see, there are many ways to rack up the earnings. Yet, that is not all there is to the site. You’ll also see an Easy Cash section that varies widely in terms of what it includes. Though the potential earnings here are among the lowest, they are, as the section heading says, ways to earn easy cash from InboxDollars.

Another expert in ways to earn money through InboxDollars had this to say about earning cash in more unique ways, “..if you sign up for the Fabletics VIP membership, you can bank a $20 reward. You can also join VIP Voice to earn $1.75, or opt in for free samples of socks for 25 cents. Been meaning to sign up for that Target REDcard? Get $3 if you do it through InboxDollars…You’ll also want to keep an eye on InboxDollars social media channels.”

Why go social with the site? They actually print special codes that let you enter them into a tab on the homepage. With these codes, you can win all kinds of prizes, and even additional sweeps to put towards more contests or to apply to rewards.

Starting Your Side Gig and Earning Money With InboxDollars

As someone who spends countless hours online each day, I found I was becoming easily distracted by social media, news sites and more. I opted to block those sites during work hours and let myself earn while blowing off steam by registering and using InboxDollars.

They are unique among many similar sites because they skip the whole points system. Instead, their easy to use navigation bar lets you see just how much you earned every day. Then, when you hit that minimum level you cash out for honest to goodness cash. Whether you make a point of heading there to earn or you just kill some time through the site, every single thing you do is actually earning you money. While it is not enormous sums, it is better than actually wasting your time.

Those who reach the “gold” level can opt to be paid on a weekly basis and you can even earn further dollars by convincing friends and family to sign up – i.e. a referral program! You are even paid just for signing up and registering your email.

So, can you really earn via InboxDollars? Absolutely, and you can even make $5 in the next 20 minutes by signing up and confirming your email!



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