Coupons are Free Money…Are You Making Money with Coupons?


Allow me to tell you a short story about my last trip to the local big box pharmacy. My spouse was with me and asked why I was so set on getting into the store that day. As a member of the store’s loyalty club, with a card swiped prior to each purchase, I get customized email offers, coupons at checkout and regular mailings with deep discounts. I also get a 25% off entire purchase coupon on a fairly regular basis. I bank enormous (spell that with a capital E) savings using it, and by waiting for many of my usual products to go on sale or be at “buy one get one” for free or at a discount.

So, on the last trip, my spouse sighed a few times as we shopped and did a sort of mental total of what we had. When I got the entire order for around 40% less than anticipated he was taken aback.

“Wow…I’ll never question your reasons for shopping here again!” he said.

“It’s not the store dearest,” I replied, “It’s the coupons.”

Yet, I was wrong, because it is also the online resources I use to get those amazing discounts, deals and more.

Save and Make Money with Coupons

Coupons, though, are like free money, and I keep reiterating that to my spouse. Because he is tired of hearing about it, I’ll share all of my admiration for coupons with you! As I said, they are free money, and it is money just waiting to head into your pocket (or stay in your pocket if you want to look at it from a more accurate perspective).

However, there are so many ways that coupons work these days that it is important to look at ways to save money with coupons, and even start to reach financial goals because of them. After all, the $30 to $50 you might save on groceries can go to savings, paying down debt or other financial goals. In this article, we are going to explore ways of using couponing for groceries, but a lot more.

Save Money Couponing for Groceries

Let’s start with couponing for groceries, though, because that is the easiest and most direct way to channel money into your pocket.

Saving Money With Printed Coupons

If you are like me, you get reams of junk mail each week. In my neck of the woods, we get one bundle of flyers that include the sales flyers for all the local shops, coupons for some household services (such as discounts on replacement windows) and even coupons for fast food places that range from a local pizza joint to Burger King. Use them! Even if you just use one “buy one get one free” offer at the grocery store or deep discount on that bag of oranges – it is free money.

We also get printed coupons on the backs of our store receipts and mailings full of unusual offers such as a “Valpak” of coupons with specialty offers from mostly local shops and services. We use those too. As an example, I used a great discount from Edible Arrangements to give a holiday gift to a co-worker and a discount from a local restaurant to take friends out for their anniversary. It was money I was going to spend, but became less money spent thanks to coupons.

Printed coupons also come with products, and you just shouldn’t ignore them. Sure, you might need to by 10 or 20 cans of that cat food to get the $2 discount, but you use the product AND it means you get around four cans for FREE.

Over time, all of these savings do add up.

Saving Money with Online Coupons

This is where you are going to find the widest array of options for making money with coupons. There are “general” sites that let you register and begin receiving coupons based on your interests or needs. There are also specialty sites that let you get discounts and some cash back options. There are brand specific sites and store-based sites. And you can even make money selling coupons (which is something we look at towards the end of this article).

Note that some require you to download their app or software to enable you to print out coupons if shopping in a brick and mortar establishment. Some also track what you buy and let you add receipts to qualify for deals or points.

There are also coupon affiliates. This is one way to make money with coupons that a lot of people overlook. While we are going to look at it a bit later, it is important to point out here that it is not the same as using coupon sites for your own shopping, but it is a wonderfully easy way to earn money with coupons.

Let’s look at a handful of the easiest and most lucrative grocery couponing sites: – Register and get free access to free printable coupons, coupon codes, loyalty coupons and cash back offers among many other opportunities. You should also download the app for on-site deals and more. This is one of the best free printable coupon sites.

Grocery Coupon Network – This is similar to other best free printable coupon sites, using a website that offers printable coupons, bonus options, store “matchups” and even a tips section. It has a very helpful search engine and is unique in its ability to provide somewhat rare coupons each day. They have an email newsletter.

Grocery Smarts – Shopping by state, it provides you with a simple way to find the coupons right for you. There are Group A, B and C deals as well as direct links to manufacturer coupons. To use this requires you to select those you want and then print them in a single batch.

Daily Grocery Coupon – Though self-described as being about groceries, the site actually offers grocery specific coupons to print, codes, articles and store specific savings. You can also sign up for daily emails.

SavingStar – This one is super innovative and allows you to select grocery offers and items in stores, use a store card or scan your receipt, and then get cash in your free account. In other words, you get online and real world savings – including on produce – and they typically include a “freebie” to load to your account as well as a 20% off special on produce each week. You add stores with loyalty cards, submit receipts for cash rewards and more. I think this has to rate as the best of the best free printable coupon sites.

Hopster – Sort the savings by category, click on the deals that work for you and then just print them at once. Some coupons are “locked” until you create a free account and login.

Redplum – Known on a national level, it features a blog and newsletter in addition to pages covering everything from health and beauty to fitness and recipes. They offer an app to allow you to save while shopping and feature scores of printable and downloadable coupons and discount codes for every possible item, including groceries.

SmartSource – Another leader in easy to load and “Direct2Card” coupons. Create your free account and get deals delivered to you via email or just loaded into a store loyalty card (when applicable). You “clip” on the site and then choose deliver (printing or to your card) and you can sort by zip code to get local offers.

In addition to these high ranking and best free printable coupon sites, you can go grocery store specific at the major brands like Publix, Kroger, Whole Foods, Shop Rite, Stop&Shop, Aldi, Safeway and more. In most instances, you need a loyalty card, but that is not always the case, and some offer both printable and codes to send to your phone.

Save or Make Money with Coupons for Non-Grocery Items

Do you look for discount codes before shopping? If not, you are seriously missing out on major deals. As a simple example, I am a member of several rental car companies, and before I book through my account, I take a gander at Groupon to see if there are deals. Often, I save around 10% comparing just two or three rental companies against their current online rates – even as a registered account holder.

Groupon is a must, and you can use the deals they send via email or just use their search engine as you seek out something specific. Rental cars, holidays, special purchases, and more can be enjoyed at discounts. The same goes for RetailMeNot, which typically has very workable discount codes and savings options you can apply. If it doesn’t work, let others know by giving that code a thumbs down!

Other sites include Coupon Cabin, Coupon Rocker, Deals Plus, Woot! and Slickdeals.

Keep in mind that a lot of discount and coupon sites might also work as rewards sites. For instance, Upromise is a way to save for college by earning rewards when shopping through the website. The same goes for sites like Ebates, Ibotta, Be Frugal (this one is noted as the top for coupons and cash back and is highly recommended) and Checkout 51.

Make Money with Coupons at Pharmacies

As I said at the beginning, I love to use couponing for groceries, but even more at pharmacies. Keep in mind that most have grocery-like items and by enrolling in your preferred pharmacy’s programs, you can get amazing discounts on items you don’t automatically think of as pharmacy products. Toilet paper, office supplies, cleaners and other items – even some grocery items – can be nabbed at steep discounts along with vitamins, dental care items, toiletries and OTC drugs and pharmacy goods. Look into the apps and online coupons you can find from shops like CVS, Walgreens, and RiteAid.

Note that stores like CVS also make a huge number of printed coupons and “load to your card” coupons available, in addition to mailers offering high discounts on your total purchase.

Make Money With Coupons Direct from Venders

The Internet makes it pretty easy to save money just by creating accounts with major vendors. For example, Walmart, Target and warehouse stores like BJs often make coupons available online and you can print them or send them to a device to use at checkout. Don’t overlook a single opportunity and be sure you explore coupons at sites as diverse as Best Buy and any of the Bed, Bath and Beyond type establishments. Consider coupons from sites like Toys R Us and all of the department stores. Barnes and Noble’s membership program is not free but offers steep discount codes and coupons, and you save big at stores like Petsmart and Michael’s by signing up for email and mail offers.

Other Ways to Earn Money with Coupons

Will it take time to start earning in these ways? Yes and no. It really depends upon how much you shop and how willing you are to create accounts and look for deals. If, on the other hand, you are eager to make money from coupons by helping others to do the same, you have two possible paths:

  • Selling coupons
  • Creating a couponing blog and using affiliate coupon sites

How To Sell Coupon Inserts

When you relocate or subscribe to coupon sites, it is likely you are going to get rare or valuable coupons. For example, people who move often get a “welcome” kit from the USPS. Inside is usually one or two coupons from big box home improvement stores that are worth something like 10-20% on an order. This is a huge amount of money if used wisely, and tossing it could mean losing out on real cash.

As one person who will sell coupon inserts as a side gig said, “When I look at Home Depot coupons on eBay, I see one has 14 bids, the highest at $25.” And people go even wilder over coupons for stores like Target, which can often be used at events like Black Friday sales to save enormous sums.

To begin selling them is simple and involves nothing more than gathering multiples of generous coupons (i.e. $2 off on a particular brand of laundry detergent or $1 off pet foods, and so on). When you have 10 or more, you can then list them on sites like eBay where extreme couponers swoop in and pay surprising sums. You may want to subscribe to extreme couponing blogs to see the hottest options.

Coupon Affiliates

If you would rather let a simpler system do the work, you could create a blog oriented towards those who use extreme couponing for groceries or who like deals, and then align it to one or more of the popular coupon affiliates.

Coupon is a great affiliate program for those interested in using this approach, but also consider the Brandcaster area of You can position yourself as a savings enthusiast and write just a few hundred words per week, post blogs on social media and begin earning returns from your readers and their use of your coupons and savings codes.

It is easy to make money with coupons, but as you just learned, you have many, many ways to make it happen – and all of it brings you free money.


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