Earn $12 or More in One of These Side Gigs


If you regularly read our articles, you know we are big advocates of affiliate marketing as the ultimate route to a steady stream of passive income. Yet, that is not the only way to take in earnings with a simple, easy to do side gig. In this article, we are going to look at a handful of side gigs that can help you bring in from $12 per hour, and often much more.

Most of them do not require a lot from you in terms of knowledge, skills or experience. Though you do make more when you have a specialized skill you can sell, or a setup with greater earnings potential (such as having a car you can use as a driver, mobile advertiser, and so on), there is opportunity in an amazing number of places.

Let’s begin with the $12 per hour gigs that you can do whenever you want and without a huge amount of effort. One of the best of the bunch here are the website evaluator jobs.

Just as it sounds, the website evaluator jobs have you doing just that – evaluating sites on the Internet. Why would it be necessary? Before you worry that it is your duty to consider things like layout or coding, it’s not. What website evaluator jobs ask of you is that you evaluate search engine results – not actual sites.

The positions are handed out as independent contractor jobs, meaning you have to handle your taxes and keep track of the hours you put in. The work is not always ongoing or consistent – meaning you may not be able to count on it as an authentic, full-time or even part-time gig.

However, it is a good way to work from home, in your off hours and take as much or as little of the work as you feel comfortable doing. Where do you find the website evaluator jobs? Surprisingly enough, you might find them with the search engines themselves. Google describes these gigs as “ads quality rater” and it is one of the only work from home scenarios the company has available.

Other main sources include:

Appen – If you get a gig with them, you are going to be able to count on around four to five hours each day, and the more languages in which you have fluency,the more work they can give you. They actually need people capable of speaking and reading around 120 different dialects and languages.

Leapforce – This company actually emphasizeswebsite evaluator jobs and needs those with multi-language skills. If you are adept at web research and analysis, you are likely to earn far more than the typical “going rate” of $12 per hour.

Lionbridge – This firm needs Internet assessors, and it also has other, similar job opportunities if you want a part-time and work from home gig that pays well and consistently. You should be good with social media, but they also need people conversant with mapping software and search engines.

ZeroChaos – This site needs workers who can evaluate web search results and it works strictly with people from the United States.

So, if you are willing to be a bit flexible in terms of the arrangements, meaning you might not always get assignments and you do need to do a lot of the administrative and “HR” stuff independently, website evaluator jobs could be a fantastically profitable side gig.

The Amazon Turk Program

Have you already heard about the Amazon “Turk” program? It is actually called the Mechanical Turk and it is an honest to goodness way of taking in a few hundred dollars per month with a total side gig.

Started around 2005, it uses a fascinating concept that has really taken off. Essentially, Amazon uses its massive audience to help companies find workers for specific tasks. These are described as HITS or human intelligence tasks, and the largest groups requesting workers through the Amazon Turk program are publishers in need of basic research, consumer groups, universities, tech companies and many different kinds of small businesses.

As a worker, you might be asked to write brief product descriptions, search for some details or specific data, perform a simple task such as selecting objects in a video, transcribe an audio recording (very brief) or take a survey.

Just register for a worker account and then look at all of the available HITS during your spare or free time. You can see how much time is allotted for the task, what the payment is, and a basic description (i.e. opinion survey or extract purchased items from shopping receipt, and so on).

Though it may seem dull, the work is always there and in just an hour’s time you might easily rake in $12 to $15. Do be aware that there can be some scammers that make their way into the system. The following issues are definite warning signs to watch for:

  • The HIT requires you submit your name, address and payment details. HITS never require personal information of any kind.
  • The HIT pays more than $10 for a task that might take minutes. This is often a sign of a scam.
  • The Turkopticon toolbar lets you see what other workers say about specific jobs or companies, and a few negative comments is often a sign that a HIT should be avoided.

And though it looks like you might be making only pennies, keep in mind how your spare time adds up. Those two hours that netted you $25 total might actually fill your car with gas for the week. The two-minute task that earned $.50 actually adds up to $15 per hour if you keep on working at that pace. Do that each day of the week and you’ve got $75 cash!

Task Rabbit Jobs

If you are not married to the idea of working only from home as a side gig, then TaskRabbit jobs may bring in the money you are eager to earn. This site works as an engine that connects you with people who need your skills in any number of odd jobs around a home or business.

Quite literally, you might find yourself doing someone’s grocery shopping each week, hanging a bunch of family photos, assembling their IKEA furniture and so on. You choose the kinds of work you want to do and though they are usually low-paying, and very brief gigs, there are people netting more than $1-2k on a weekly basis!

The way that the big earners rake in such high sums is simple – they have a set rate for specific tasks they make available. A good example of this would be the person who lists themselves available for TaskRabbit jobs focused on construction or classic “handyman” work. It is amazing how few carpenters, plumbers or other professionals will take brief and menial tasks (i.e. installing a new faucet, hanging up a set of shelves or cabinets, and so on). You can figure out what is being charged for such work in your area of the world, and then list yourself on Taskrabbit jobs at a competitive rate.

Naturally, you might not be able to demand $100 per hour like an actual carpenter, but you can still make it a very rewarding enterprise. For example, if you are very versatile, you can find yourself doing a wide array of gigs. If you are also flexible, you can often find work that pays well even when it is outside of your parameters. For instance, you might be paid to do administrative assistant tasks one day and find yourself packing boxes for someone who is moving the next.

Of course, the best way to find gigs, is as we said, by emphasizing your skills. What is it you do best? Are you great at organizing living spaces? Do you have those handyman skills and tools? Maybe you are good at gardening, driving in city traffic, or painting walls and ceilings. Whatever you are good at and enjoy – emphasize it, but don’t lock yourself into it as your only gig option. TaskRabbit jobs are incredibly diverse and could be an amazing way to earn big doing nothing but short, side gigs.

Maybe you are not eager to work with so many different people in so many different ways? Then one great side gig for you might be driving. While you may already know about Uber and Lyft, there are other ways you can drive and take in income during your down time.

  • Car wrapping options – In our article about How to Earn Money from Car Wrap Advertising, we went through the many ways you can earn money by simply allowing a specialty firm or business to use your car as a mobile billboard. The main sources for learning whether or not this gig is for you include, Carvertise, Wrapify and AdverDriver. You may need to have a car of a certain quality, but the gig usually involves nothing more than allowing professionals to cover the car with formal advertising decals that are actually removable and do no harm to the paint.
  • Food delivery for websites like Grubhub, Seamless, Doordash, and UberEats offer a wonderful way to work at a fixed time each day or night. Using your own car, you get to write off mileage, gas and repair while also earning a tidy sum in hourly pay and tips! Plus, it lets you discover the hottest restaurants in your area.
  • House and pet sitting – If you have a car and some free time each day, you can also book gigs in which you drive to people’s homes to check on their pets, water their plants, bring in their mail and otherwise serve as a house sitter. You may want to have additional insurance coverage for doing such work, but what a great way to make a chunk of change just for driving to someone’s home and doing a few easy tasks!

What other options are out there for earning a minimum of $12 to $15 as a side gig? We highly recommend you consider:

  • Home based customer service agent – Companies like U-Haul and others are readily hiring people to work from home, for specific hours each day, and offer their call-in customers a range of services.In fact, U-Haul jobs at home are some of the most flexible and offer a range of different tasks.
  • Freelance writing – With websites like Upwork, as well as the Amazon Turk site already mentioned, more and more firms are turning to freelance writers for the ongoing supply of content they need. If you are good with words and can create original texts for a surprising array of clients (think writing about everything from food to escort services, travel and car comparisons and you have an idea of how diverse the work of a freelance writer might be) you’ll find plenty of work. The best part is you can write it in the middle of the night, the crack of dawn, on your lunch hour or at any other time as long as you meet the deadline.
  • Teach – UDEMY is a website that lets people create online courses and earn an income from each enrollment. However, it is not alone and you can find many other sites through which you can earn income by sharing and teaching what you know.

So, what does all of this tell you? It means you don’t have to take graveyard shift jobs in order to pick-up a lucrative side gig. This is the era of the second job or side hustle, so be sure you make the most of the seemingly endless opportunities available to you. Just remember, we are constantly advocating for people to choose their favorite niche and begin using affiliate marketing to also generate steady, passive income that just continues to come in over the long term. You might even turn a side gig into a full-time job if you pair up a few of the options here – the food delivery person who blogs about their experience and affiliate markets all kinds of in-car gadgets? The TaskRabbit handyman who makes DIY videos for YouTube and sells all kinds of equipment for their affiliate merchant? Who knows! That sort of combination of side gigs could be your way to a tidy income each week!

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