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You have to do your errands, right? And by errands, I mean the ones that require you to get in the car or use transportation to head to an array of stores and locations where you spend hard earned money. When out doing those errands and spending money, most of us try to limit or budget the expenses. We clip coupons to keep grocery bills in check, we use warehouse stores to buy in bulk or even get discount prescriptions, and we try to use credit cards that can often reward us for specific purchases.

Yet, most of us still don’t save the kind of money we’d like. This is why I strongly urge you to learn how to earn money with task based apps. In another article, I looked at the ways using apps on a mobile device could passively, or almost passively, bring in income. You can take surveys, watch videos or let an app track your Internet usage, and in return, you get cash in a PayPal account or access to gift cards you really need or use. Yet, when you consider the ways to earn money with task based apps, you can also cash in on shopping trips, meals out, and more.

Ways to Earn Money with Task Based Apps: Mystery Shopper Style

Do you know about mystery shopping? It is actually a way that many people use to make a second income, and which some actually build up as their main source of earnings. When you are a mystery shopper, you accept gigs from authentic businesses. They ask you to assess specific things about a visit to a store. For example, a big box electronics store might send you out to buy a TV (often a very specific type or brand). They will ask you to assess customer service, and usually note very small details. Did the clerk have a name tag? Did you have to ask for help? Did they know a lot about the TV? Were they helpful, and so on.

As you mystery shop, though, you cannot identify yourself as a mystery shopper. You then submit a report to the company paying you for the work. The way you are paid varies. You might be asked to buy the TV and get reimbursed for it. You might also get paid a meal voucher, and so on.

Mystery shopping is found in many forms, including those who assess services, stores and restaurants. There are even phone service mystery shoppers and online options.

If you are already an active mystery shopper or simply someone who wishes to earn money with task based apps, you can use some of the best apps in this area. They include:

EasyShift This app lets you earn “when and where you want” by simply accepting quick jobs at local shops or stores. You might be asked to take some photos, check prices, look at promotions, and so on. It takes minutes and you get paid through the app and in your PayPal account. You could easily pick up a few dollars (enough for gas money or public transportation) during any grocery store visit or shopping trip.

Field Agent This app is the definition of mystery shopping because it asks you to visit specific stores or other locations and use the phone to take photos and videos as well as gathering information. The goal of the work is to improve customer service. You download the app, complete a profile and start doing the jobs nearest you. You have two hours to complete any tasks that appear.

Gigwalk This app is similar to EasyShift, but can earn even more. You simply load the app to your smartphone, create your account (which includes answering a few questions about yourself), link it to a PayPal account and start doing gigs. They appear on the map in the app. You accept a gig, follow the instructions and submit the work through the app. Gigs can take five minutes or a few hours and pay can range from a few bucks to $100 or more. The work involves simple reporting and you are then paid right away.

Job Spotter Do you have a keen eye? If so, and you spot any help wanted signs, you can actually get paid to snap a photo of them and then submit details about it through the app. Once the sign is reviewed and approved, you are paid.

Mobee Dedicated shoppers love this app because it allows you to choose a “mission” on a map, complete it by answering a few questions while in the destination and getting points for the work. You then use the points for gift cards and other rewards.

Observa Become one of this company’s Observers and you can get paid to go out and collect information about a store’s marketing, merchandising and more. Known as on-demand retail auditing, it allows you to make money almost anywhere you are. Load the app, create an account and start accepting gigs nearest your location. Make whatever observations are required (within two hours’ time) and get paid. Another app that offers a similar opportunity is the Survey.com app and it too pays for auditing and more.

Shopalong – This app is a nice take along whenever out shopping. You simply accept the gig and take photos, give an opinion, snap a photo of your receipt or make shopping lists, and you get paid for the work immediately. According to their stats, users make from $5 to $50 on a trip.

Of course, you may already know about the many shopping oriented apps that reward you for shopping, such as Ibotta, SavingStar, and others. You can always pair them up and earn money with task based apps. For example, you can make your weekly grocery shopping list, add the products on SavingStar to your loyalty card, and make the purchase. Yet, you can also take a few moments while in that grocery store to snap a few photos of a merchandising setup as requested by one of the task based apps. You can also use something like Shopalong and snap an image of your receipt for more money. These steps take seconds and yet can end up putting real money back into the budget.

Earn Money with Task Based Apps: Restaurant Style

As I said a bit earlier, mystery shopping in restaurants is a real thing, too. Most of these apps are working for restaurant owners and managers eager to see any gaps in their customer service, menu options and other significant areas.

As someone providing answers to those questions, you can earn money with task based apps targeting restaurants. You will be asked to assess any number of factors, and might even be asked to rate the cleanliness of the bathroom as well as the quality of the service or food. We already looked at one – Field Agent – which uses its QuickShops feature to help restaurants improve customer experience.

Servy As part of the Resy Networks, this app is part of a revolution in restaurant mystery shopping and secret shopping options. It focuses on providing data that allows restaurants to improve performance, and enables any restaurant to actually profit from each evaluation done.

Mystery Shoppers of America This is a website through which you can find restaurant oriented mystery shopping gigs. You must first become a member to use their website and apps, but once you are active in the community, you can choose to enjoy only restaurant based work.

You will also want to consider any of the other mystery shopping apps if you are eager to do restaurant mystery shopping. Not all have gigs, but the popularity of this feature is growing and it is likely that your desire to earn money with task based apps will soon find a lot of dining out options.

Earn Money with Task Based Apps: Fitness Style

Did you know that there are opportunities for earning via task based apps for dieting and fitness? There are quite a few, and while they are great because they pay you to be healthier, they can also be the digital equivalent of a workout or dieting “buddy” helping to keep you on track and reach goals. They include:

Pact Get paid to hit your fitness and health goals. You simply download the app to a smartphone and set your weekly “pact”. It could be to eat better, exercise more, weigh less, and so on. You choose how much you are willing to wager on your success. The app will connect with an array of sites and gear to document your efforts. For example, you might have a MapMyWalk account and a Fitbit. The app links to them and measures your activity. If you reach the amount agreed to in the Pact, you earn the amount you wagered.

DietBet With more than 500k registered users, this is one of the more popular weight loss apps. It works only with iPhones and iPads and it pays you to stick to your diet. The average dieter earns almost $60 through the app. You simply bet on yourself to hit a specific weight loss goal. Others using the app also agree to the wager. If you meet the bet, you and those who supported you split the pot.

Healthy Wage This app allows you to make individual weight loss bets with prizes of up to $10k possible. You can also build teams or make corporate challenges through this innovative app.

And while you might not consider going out for the daily run or walk, or visit to the gym, as an errand, it should be. These apps are noted for boosting the health of those who use them, and they also pay you just to stay on target.

If none of these apps have really grabbed your attention, maybe you are one of the many who would be interested in earning money with apps that focus on the use of your mobile phone’s camera?

Earn Money with Task Based Apps: Camera Style

How many photos do you have on your phone? Chances are there are a lot of them, and you might be losing out on possible income if you are not using some of these photo apps that let you make money by snapping a few photos or even selling some you already have.

Iconzoomer This smartphone app lets you load the app to your device, create a profile and begin receiving assignments. The assignments are amazingly simple. They can include clicking images of your current outfit or shoes, snapping a photo of your meal, and more.

Stylinity This app takes a lot more effort but can be super rewarding for the dedicated fashionista. This is because it lets you take images of your particular looks and build “shop the look” pages that allow you to earn income by inspiring others to copy your fashion stylings. Most of my readers know how much I love affiliate marketing, and this app is one that can work seamlessly within your fashion oriented blogging and affiliate marketing efforts.

Scoopr Is a similar app to Stylinity that lets you build buzz about your preferred brands by uploading selfies. However, you can also accept photo missions in order to earn rewards and payments.

Shelfie A sort of hybrid of mystery shopping and photography work, this app lets you photograph any out of stock items in the stores you visit tell Shelfie and get points towards gift cards.

Stock photos – You can also sell your existing photos through apps like Foap, Clashot, Stockimo and Snapwire (which is an on-demand app that lets others ask you for custom shots in addition to buying stock photos).

So, take some time now to download a few of these task based apps and you can start to earn money when out shopping. Whether it is doing mystery shopping, photography or even out for a jog, you can be putting money in the bank.



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