Hosting Product Parties for Consistent Cash


Can you make a realistic income from direct sales? Let’s just think of a few companies that supply an answer to that question: Avon, Tupperware, Pampered Chef…each of them represents a valid, work from home opportunity and yet they also provide the average person with simple ways to make money independently, i.e. hosting product parties in exchange for cash and products.

That sounds like the most ideal win-win situation. If you are someone looking for ways to make money independently, you can align yourself with the firms willing to take you on as a sales person for their products. Alternately, you can just use product parties in your home or other setting as one of the most social ways to make money independently on a regular basis. Let’s look at the more involved, direct sales position first.

Top Ways to Make Money Independently Via Direct Sales

As an article in Woman’s Day explained, “These days, product parties have moved far beyond Tupperware. You can sell wine, jewelry, pet supplies and even sex toys at small, in-home gatherings, making several hundred dollars a pop. Most reps undergo some form of training, pay a start-up fee and work fewer than 10 hours a week.”

So, that paints a very comfortable portrait of what it might involve for you to get started as a rep for one or more companies of interest to you. However, if you are someone eager to turn your efforts into a more lucrative opportunity, you can also dedicate yourself to recruitment in addition to the money you would earn at the direct sales parties.

After all, many of the top direct sales opportunities also provide their reps with income based on recruitment. Get another sales person to sign on and you can earn commissions from their sales. This is never mandatory, but if you are so inclined, you may find yourself taking in large amounts of passive income because you recognized good sales talent.

A recent study determined the best and most profitable direct sales businesses for those who wish to work from home, and it focused in on:

Amway – Selling health and beauty products, this is actually a global leader in direct sales

Avon – Iconic beauty and cosmetic firm

Cabi – Specializes in women’s clothing parties and sales

Chloe and Isabel – Jewelry and social retailing opportunity noted for its lifestyle branding

Dove Chocolate Discovery – Emphasizing in-home chocolate parties and events

Herbalife – Global nutrition and diet company long considered the gold standard in supplements and other products

La Bella Baskets – Focusing on online stores, it still has an in-home party feature

Longaberger – Famed for their premium baskets they offer direct sales as well as online shops

Mary and Martha – High quality home products featuring online sales and emphasizing in home parties and direct sales.

Matilda Jane – Offering clothing for girls and women as well as dolls and play sets, it is a popular choice for work at home parents as a “side gig”.

MojiLife – Offering an array of innovative products built around fragrance, they use social selling and offer direct sales positions.

NuSkin – Offering distributor jobs, they focus on products for the skin as well as fragrances and spa like lines.

NYR Organic – Make a real difference promoting and selling ethical and organic health and beauty products.

Party Time Mixes – Specializes in easy to make party drinks, dips, desserts and other food-based products. Emphasizes direct sales in product parties.

Send Out Cards – Not a social selling opportunity, but one that is still a direct sales option. This is an ideal choice for those who are interested in integrating affiliate marketing, as explained below.

Simply Fun – Emphasizes games and toys for children which focus on education as well as entertainment.

Stella and Dot – One of the most popular direct sales opportunities focused on jewelry with new lines every season.

Tastefully Simple – A forerunner in the meal kits market, they also sell a wide array of mixes, and more. This is another option ideal for the would-be blogger and affiliate marketer.

Team Beach Body – Selling fitness programs and health shakes, this site has many opportunities for direct sales.

Thirty-One Gifts – Emphasizing handbags and totes, it is a long time member of the Direct Selling Association and a reputable choice for anyone eager to earn money from hosting parties or social selling.

Traveling Vineyard – Become a wine guide and sell any number of vintages at wine tasting parties!

Tupperware – Still going strong after decades of direct sales, you can sign on as a rep and book parties to earn income.

W by Worth – Women’s fashion experts selling curated seasonal collections in social settings.

So, you now have a handful of proven direct sales firms that allow you to work as a rep or as a host for one of their parties. In either role you could earn income or commissions.

Even more intriguing is the fact that you can also find many popular names in home party products as affiliate options, too. For example, AVON is one of the world’s biggest names in direct sales of beauty and beauty related products. They have thousands of reps who come to people’s homes for parties, sell directly to a client list and even make affiliate marketing an option, too.

Pairing Affiliate Marketing With Direct Sales

If you are someone eager for the most effective ways to make money independently, then the idea of pairing affiliate marketing with direct sales opportunities is a wise one. We are going to stick with the AVON example to demonstrate just how this might pan out.

You would join the AVON direct sales team through their site, take whatever training is required and begin selling through parties and regular catalog distribution.

However, you can also join their Rakuten LinkShare network that focuses strictly on “publishers” which is just another way to describe an affiliate marketer. In this role, you are going to write blogs and other marketing materials that you post to places like Facebook, Twitter or even Pinterest and Instagram. You could blog and create your own website, and with the affiliate links provided to you by AVON, every time someone uses the link to make a purchase, you would get a commission on the sale. You would have opportunities for making bonuses and double commissions and you would be part of their unique program that has special coupon codes and deals for your audience.

This means that as you make money through direct sales channels, you are also building an audience of buyers who help you take in even more income through your blogging and other online activities as a publisher.

Now, don’t think that your options for blending your direct sales work (through any number of product parties and other channels) with affiliate marketing ends there. As one expert has written, “Affiliate has come a long way from suburban dinner parties.”

The starting point is to ensure that whatever form your affiliate marketing takes that it emphasizes trust. Never go for the sell but rather start by writing about benefits, doing comparisons, or offering tutorials about using different products. The links you provide should seem more of an afterthought or point of comparison. This is why you can advance your ways to make money independently using product reviews, striving to become an influencer on a major social network like YouTube or even LinkedIn and going well beyond the standard affiliate marketing model.

And what if you are someone who wants to earn money by just hosting those different parties for any number of products? Again, this is one of the easiest and fastest ways to make money independently, and it too could be supported by efforts as an affiliate marketer.

Product Parties and Many Ways to Make Money Independently

An article at the WorkatHomeWoman website looked at the many different products you can sell from home as a merchandiser or rep. Of course, by taking a look at that list, you could find a few niche markets of interest to you, take action to become a rep and use any affiliate opportunities you find to grow your income.

However, you might also take a look at that list and see the many kinds of product parties you could host to start getting discounted goods, commissions and more. You might even become an affiliate marketer of brands you find particularly appealing. After all, as one writer notes, “Affiliate Marketing seems easy, but it can be hard work…You must build your network in order to become successful” And what better way to establish a baseline network than through a regular series of parties you host at home or in a more formal setting?

A recent article in Living Simply Fabulously even explained that many people develop a sideline or income by regularly hosting parties. They pointed out that people in social clubs, college students, adults with spacious homes or access to comfortable spaces, promoters of any kind, leaders of non-profits and those in need of a “side hustle” can all make regular income by simply booking weekly, bi-weekly or monthly parties. As the article says, “There are quite a few factors that go into planning these parties, but it is not unreasonable to think that you can make from $500 to $1000 just for one [well-chosen] event”.

The key is to go beyond the immediate social circle or family and friends and choose the right product or line. As a simple illustration of this, you could easily use social media to create an event, promote it among your followers and incentivize sharing with a door prize or other gift. You then have attendees join through the site or through direct messaging. You are growing an audience in this way.

You can then use any blogging or publishing you might do to promote your events. If there is an affiliate component to what you are doing, this is an ideal time to also encourage readers to follow through on those links. Particularly if you have people who express interest but who cannot attend.

You will have to ensure that the venue is a good fit (your home, the community room in a condo complex or another space) and that you choose the right time of day. You need to understand any liabilities associated with hosting an event such as insurances needed should someone slip and fall, and so on.

However, it is not rocket science to book a regular series of product parties, and you could even make specific brands a regular thing. Once a month spa events for your Avon rep, seasonal wine tasting parties followed up by food based products, seasonal closet update events with one of the clothing vendors, holiday parties for purchasing toys and clothes for kids…the list is endless.

Getting Started with Product Parties, Direct Sales and/or Affiliate Marketing

What I encourage you to do, though, is take the time to look for a niche of particular interest or passion. If you don’t love the products you help to sell, you will struggle to succeed. As an example, if you love to workoutand align yourself to a health supplement company, you are going to find it easier to succeed. You will feel inspired to look for ways to create events or book parties that really pay off for everyone involved.

If you use the affiliate marketing approach, and become a publisher, you have a network of ready buyers or attendees at any parties or events, too. All of these things fit together nicely, and the best part is that it is entirely in your control to build the puzzle in whatever way you like. Focus on the direct sales, become the ultimate product party host, or affiliate market and build a network for sales or parties. It is all there just waiting for you to roll up your sleeves and start earning.


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