How to Make Money with Your Car Even If It Is Old


Can you actually make money just driving your car? Sure, there are plenty of valid ways that a modern car owner can start to bank some serious cash simply driving their car. In fact, you probably already know a few of the most valid methods:

  • As a driver for firms like Uber and Lyft
  • Food and shopping delivery services
  • Car wrap options

In this article, we are not going to delve into the complexities of driving services like Uber and Lyft because they have specific limitations that make it impossible for everyone to participate. For example, your car has to fall within a certain age limit and meet specific conditions. You have to be a certain age and pass various screenings.

Are we saying these are not valid ways to earn money with your car? No, they are great options. For instance, in the best locations, drivers can earn around $22 per hour and around $12 per ride.

There are other, similar services to consider, too. HopSkipDrive is actually an ideal option for stay at home parents or those with childcare experience as it emphasizes transporting kids. Obviously, screenings are pretty intense, and cars have to be in pristine shape, but if you qualify, you can earn around $30 per hour. Juno by Gett is also another option, but this is for luxury vehicles only and allows a driver to earn 100% of the tips added to the bill and 90% of the fare.

If the idea of being an alternative sort of cab driver appeals to you, there is authentic money making options to be found in these four sites.

Deliver Food to Earn Money with Your Car

If you are more interested in just driving your car without passengers and making decent earnings, you can deliver food – and it doesn’t have to be for a single restaurant. While these options typically mean driving in urban traffic, there are more and more suburban and even rural areas making these services available.

Some of the most viable include Munchery that operates in ten different cities and allows delivery by car or bike. They even have some benefits and earnings can be as high as $20 per hour with reimbursement for mileage and fuel. UberEATS is also another option that is aligned with the popular Uber site and allows you to serve as a delivery specialist using a bike, scooter or car. Through this option, you can usually make from $10 to $20 per hour!

Grubhub is one of the fastest growing areas of delivery driving and it pays around $13 per hour. You do need to be a certain age, have a vehicle of a certain quality and undergo a background check, but you also get 100% of your tips and choose your own hours. Eatstreet is similar to Grubhub but pays a bit less. You are an employee of this firm, though you supply your own vehicle and do not pick your own hours – earnings average at $20 per hour.

Other options in this area also include DoorDash that emphasizes businesses (so you will need a spacious vehicle), and which could find you visiting several restaurants once or twice daily to pick up the company’s entire food order. Postmates is another option and you work whenever you wish using the company’s app. You can either walk or drive for deliveries and you earn based on a unique formula: a base rate per order + per minute wait rate at pickup location + per mile rate for the distance between pickup and drop-off location.

Favor Delivery is a sort of hybrid of food delivery services as it also blends other deliveries. In essence, it is a lot like a personal assistant who can supply you with whatever you need. Buyers submit orders and then you go out and pick up and deliver whatever it is they have requested. You need a reliable vehicle, smartphone and a background check – currently limited to Texas, it is growing in popularity.

Deliver General Merchandise to Earn Money with Your Car

In addition to companies like Favor Delivery, there are many other grocery or package delivery services allowing you to make a bit of additional income .Shipt is one in which you can supply the vehicle, insulated bags to keep cold items stable, and pass a background check. You earn $25 per hour and free membership for your own deliveries.

Instacart is another grocery service and it can work in two ways. You can sign up to be the person who pulls orders and waits outside for buyers to pick it up, or you can do both – picking and delivering orders. It allows you to work as much or as little as you want and you supply the vehicle but get reimbursed for the gas. Earnings vary, but you can earn as much as $20 per hour and get all of your tips.

Of course, you might already know about Amazon Flex, which allows you to actually deliver Amazon packages to their buyers. Earning up to $25 per hour, you enjoy set hours but can alter your availability according to your needs. You need to pass a screening and be near an Amazon facility, but it can be an amazingly easy way to get income via the ever increasing popularity of the Amazon Prime services.

Don’t overlook websites like TaskRabbit that can allow you to offer up your time, car and even your effort if people need things transported. Whether it is helping people to move things to a storage center or transport donations to the local Goodwill drop off, you can simply list the type of car, the options you are willing to make available, and set a fee.

Just Monetize the Car on Its Own

By now, most people know about the Zipcar phenomenon, but many don’t realize the organization was absorbed by a larger firm and is now private. It was once a great way for a car owner in an urban or suburban area to monetize ownership of a car when that vehicle was not in use. Simply allowing locals to rent it by the hour, returning it to designated areas, was a great way to pay off the car.

There are now a few hybrid versions of Zipcar, and you might be able to make money by doing nothing more than signing up and making your relatively new car available. The sites include Turo, which let you make your car available whenever possible – ideal for earning money while you are on vacation! You take up to 85% of the earnings, and pay for service but get reimbursed for fuel. Getaround is also similar to this, and can earn you up to $6000 per year. It works through an app and allows you to actually earn income from your car during your regular working hours.

HyreCar is another similar service but has much more rigid guidelines about the kinds of cars, and it takes 15% of every rental.

And if you have an RV that you wish to monetize rather than letting it just sit around idle between vacations, RVshare is for you. It allows owners of motor homes in classes A through C to rent them out by the day or even the week. Rates vary based on the type of RV, and you can even add pop-up trailers to fifth wheels.

And while we are on the subject of cars or vehicles that might otherwise sit idle, you can also monetize your “second” car through options like FlightCar, which lets you park in a lot owned by the firm, get free parking, a good car wash and a per mile payment if your car is rented out at the lot.

And that brings us to the final way to make money with your car – through a car wrap opportunity.

Make Money with Your Car Using a Car Wrap Sponsorship

In our article How to Earn Money from Car Wrap Advertising we explained the various ins and outs of this way of how to make money with your car. Yet, we still want to reiterate a few points here. As one expert explained, “If you don’t mind your car being a moving billboard…” then car wrapping is a good idea.

How does it work, you can work with reputable firms like Wrapify, and They will actually “lease” advertising space on your car and it can earn you anywhere from $100 to $600 each month. The earnings vary according to the car you drive, the area you live, the mileage you drive and more. Most firms want to see their ads on cars that are ten years old or less, and they prefer you have a clean record and live in an urban area. Some of these companies actually pay by the mile, too, so if you have a very lengthy commute on roads that don’t disallow commercial vehicles, this could be a great way to make money with your car.

It is described as “wrap” because that is precisely what is done, so if the idea of driving around with all kinds of logos and text really bothers you, then this is probably not for you. On the other hand, if splashy logos and eye-catching graphics make you comfortable – I say go for it.

Keep in mind that some firms are really excited about specific cars – for instance, if you bought a subcompact that gets amazing mileage, a green energy company might really love to hear from you.

Some Caveats to Consider Before You Make Money with Your Car

However, there are a few caveats to all of this. The biggest one is that you need to consider the costs versus the potential gains. In other words, will the money that you earn through your car be worth the amount of depreciation it brings. After all, it is not just the mileage but also the general wear and tear, the gas, and the ongoing maintenance and repairs. Keep in mind that if your car is relatively new, you will find it easier to make money with the car, but you are also going to get to the end of the warranty faster. You might also greatly exceed mileage limitations for leased vehicles.

The good news is that you can easily “do the math” and determine which of the money earning options are the most realistic and profitable. You can set limitations and even find some firms that reimburse you for gas and mileage – but it is up to you to be aware of the tax implications of this form of “income”.

Keep in mind, as well, that very few firms will even consider working with you if you don’t have a clean driving record. This means more than just being without accidents. If you have a long history of speeding, driving dangerously or even a single arrest relating to something like DUI, it is highly unlikely that they will see you as worth the risk.

You also need to meet their basic insurance requirements, this is going to fall back under the costs versus earnings column. Will putting a lot of additional coverage on your policy be worthwhile when compared to your potential earnings?

Finally, consider what is required of you in terms of technology. For example, many of the firms mentioned want you to have a smartphone and use specific apps. Additionally, if you are to earn top dollar per hour, it can sometimes mean tackling a higher volume of work in that hour. Generally, this might mean that investing in a premium GPS system can help. For example, navigating traffic to quickly deliver food during peak hours can be tricky, but you can boost our speed and avoid areas of traffic using GPS.

Some Final Ways to Make Money with Your Car

In addition to all of the options we’ve listed, consider using special apps and programs that reward you for driving or driving safely. MileUp is an app that gives you points at major retailers just for letting them track your habits through the app. AllState and other insurance companies do the same, rewarding you with safe driving checks for using their onboard devices. These too are simple ways to earn money while driving your car – even if it is an oldie but a goodie. And if all else fails, you can get a $200 tax deduction when you donate your vehicle to a worthy charity!


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