Impressively Simple Ways to Boost Earnings with Your Car


In previous articles, I’ve talked to you about the best ways to monetize ownership of a car. You might remember that my suggestions included:

  • Driving for Lyft or Uber
  • Doing food deliveries
  • Offering shuttle services of many kinds
  • Relying on car wrapping companies to help underwrite your vehicle’s expenses or monthly payments
  • Doing a newspaper route
  • Doing grocery, farmer’s market and other similar runs
  • Doing a car blog

These are all excellent ways to make money when you own and operate a car. For example, I love the idea of appointment and school runs. Why? They are a perfect way for a stay at home parent to use their car to pay for everything from gas and insurances to the car payment itself. Drive the kids, and one or two other kids to school, head out to do some errands (paid) for seniors or others willing to pay you to do it, and then return to school to pick up all of the kids and get them home or to their after school activities.

What an easy way to make money during the day! And you can subsidize it all further by blogging about it and using referral and affiliate marketing programs. For instance, you might do pharmacy runs for a senior center or senior living facility nearby. Why not also pair that up with a blog about CVS deals? There are many people who write about pharmacies and the amazing deals offered, but as you know from a previous article, I am a huge fan of the non-stop savings that CVS makes possible. However, blogging about your finds and sharing coupon deals, stacking options and other money saving opportunities is a great secondary gig while using your car to earn regular income.

Of course, this article is meant to show you ways to boost earnings with your car, and that means doing something similar to the blogging outlined above. In other words, use what you are already doing to monetize your car and increase the potential earnings you are already bringing in.

How to Use Holidays to Boost Earnings With Your Car

If you drive with Uber or Lyft, you are sort of locked into earning during the hours you make yourself available through their apps. However, if you do those different “runs” and services such as:

  • School runs
  • Appointment runs
  • Shopping and pharmacy runs
  • Errand runs
  • Grocery runs
  • Food delivery services
  • Dog runs, and so on

you have a few good ways to boost earnings with your car, and particularly during specific holiday seasons or periods. How would that work? Let’s say that you used my suggestions from one of my earlier car monetization articles. You might be using social media, a blog and word of mouth to get clients who pay you to drive them to do errands, or actually do errands for them. In this way, you have a ready and eager audience for any promotional deals you offer.

And what sort of promotional deals should you be offering? I’d say you would want to offer up your driving services during periods when driving is either dangerous or stressful, i.e. major holidays.

You can substantially boost earnings with your car if you advertise specialized services during the most dangerous driving days of the year.According to road safety statistics, there are very specific holidays in which drunk driving arrests soar. You can use that basic information to promote your services as a sober, safe and reliable driver (at different rates than normal, of course) throughout these periods.

I would even suggest you blog about the traffic issues during holiday seasons and pair your articles about deadliest driving scenarios with special offers that your readers can use and share. The times to schedule your safe driving services should include:

  • Christmastime – Do you really enjoy driving to and from the malls, looking for parking, struggling with bags and all the rest? No, not many do, and if you position yourself as someone to do evening and weekend mall runs, you’ll find a steady stream of clientele. You’ll also find many happy to pay you to do the driving when they attend holiday parties where spirits are high and alcohol might flow a little too freely. Remember too that a lot of people host meals and events and would like to have senior relatives, but cannot get them to and from the event. You might serve as reliable and friendly transportation.
  • New Year’s Eve and Day – Shuttling people to and from parties or events can earn you many weeks of income in just a two day window of time. You may require AWD if you live in an area with lousy weather, but if you are prepared to drive from later in the evening and into the next morning, you can really boost earnings with your car substantially.
  • Super Bowl Sunday – Did you know that this is considered one of the worst days for DUI arrests and tickets? Why not advertise your services for post-Bowl driving services in your neighborhood or area? You will be surprised at just how many people would like someone to handle the drive home.
  • Independence Day – Lots of people consume too much alcohol before or after the fireworks and barbecues. Since you want to make the most of your driving services and boost earnings with your car, you can offer all day and late night driving for those who feel they shouldn’t be behind the wheel. Promote yourself as the post-party driver and you’re sure to get calls.
  • Thanksgiving – The holiday itself is a day when DUI arrests increase, but travel increases in the days before and after. Maybe you can provide shuttles to airports, bus stations and train stations. Maybe you can specialize in Black Friday driving services to and from the malls. Maybe you might offer post-meal drives or specialize in getting seniors to and from a family home.

The ways to boost earnings with your car during the holidays are almost endless, and all you have to do is be sure you spread the word that your car and popular driving or shuttling services are available. Design some custom packages or concepts and write about the hazards of traveling during those seasons in your blog. Then, use the closing paragraph of the blog (or link to it in social media with some wording about the hassles of driving) and sell your driving services easily and profitably.

Boost Earnings with Your Car

Youths, Cars and Ways to Use This Issue to Boost Earnings With Your Car

Of course, another sort of holiday season in which you can boost earnings with your car is the summer. Again, many driving statistics show that “nine of the 10 deadliest days for” young drivers occur between the months of May and August every year. These dates include proms, graduations and summer events like Independence Day, and so you can contact all of the parents you know with young drivers, and offer your services instead.

And if you don’t think that teens old enough to drive are likely to agree with parents offering you up as a chauffeur service, why not offer your services as a driving tutor of sorts? You can create a youth oriented blog that is specifically designed to help kids see the hazards of distracted driving, and how to avoid it. You might blog for parents, instead, and tell them about the hazards that youth drivers face, and/or create for themselves.

You will build an audience and can boost earnings with your car if you offer up your driving services, but you might also use your blogs about youth driving or just safer driving in general to affiliate market everything from GPS devices to eBooks, and more.

Of course, there are many times when younger drivers are no longer at home and can still find themselves in need of driving services. For example, you send your kids off to college (without a car) and hope they can find a way to get the essentials off campus, such as healthier foods and snacks, general supplies, and so on.

While food delivery businesses tap into the student market, and are definitely a way you can boost earnings with your car if you live in a college town or close to one or two campuses, you can also earn income with Lyft and Uber, and grocery delivery services. One of the most exciting opportunities to emerge in this area is the new gopuff service. This is a sort of mobile friendly mini-market experience that allows you to sign on as a driver and deliver some of the most basic items. It is like a virtual corner store that lets students, young people, seniors and others get everything from pet food and party supplies to basic household electronic items and snacks delivered to their door.

Unlike grocery deliveries that must be scheduled a bit in advance, the gopuff service is on demand and just charges a delivery fee. It allows buyers to get frozen foods and canned goods, snacks and more, and is a great way to use your car for a few hours a day during peak hours and make a lot more money. Gopuff’s policies indicate that deliveries occur within 30 minutes of ordering -at any hour of the day.

And unlike other driving services, when you work for gopuff, you get “bank” just for signing on for a shift. That is a $30 payment for your time, even if you get only a single call out for a delivery. As you commit to longer shifts, the bank amount increases, and the app also allows the users to tip their drivers. Most say they make about the same, or more, as their bank during a single shift.

Boost Earnings With Your Car By Sharing It with Others

Of course, it is not all about services and driving others around if you want to make more money through your car. Though the other options I’ve described are a sort of addendum to other things you might already be doing with your car, there is a really basic way that I’ve yet to explain or emphasize, and which can help you to earn money just by using your car.

What is it? Carpooling. Did you know that there are quite a few urban areas and cities that are actually compensating or financially rewarding people who make formal carpooling arrangements? It’s true, and people in the area around Washington, D.C. can make as much as $130 for 90 days of formal carpooling while those in San Mateo County in California get gift cards when starting carpools. Explore the options in your state and you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that simply offering a few neighbors a lift into the office can net you some easy cash.

Lastly, and not at all least, is a tip for those with some mechanical skills. If you have a good car and know how to do auto repairs, you can earn up to $50 per hour as a mobile mechanic. There are formal websites such as YourMechanic that send you to customers in need of services, but if you are an expert and prepared to setup a formal business, you can just as easily operate independently.

In fact, why not use my classic combination approach of blogging about car repair, such as video tutorials about basic repairs, blogs about car issues, and affiliate marketing that lets you earn passive income on the products and tools you suggest. Then link all of it to your website or page offering call out services in your area! You’ve positioned yourself as an expert and have what it takes to do repairs, and it makes a great way to boost income with your car.

While you can keep it simple and just drive for another company or service, you can expand on it and make it a very lucrative full-time issue. Use these tips and figure out the right way for you to boost earnings with your car or truck.


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