Is a Social Media Evaluator a Real Thing?


We all use social media each day. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or a site like Wikipedia, it all falls under the umbrella definition of social media. As one expert has said, social media “is the collective of online communications channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration.” And right in that definition itself, you see why the job of a social media evaluator has to exist.

Why? Any time there is a community based variety of input and interaction, it opens the door to problems that can range from inaccuracy to inflammatory or even illegal comments or behaviors. Forums typically have moderators for oversight, but a social media evaluator is someone who is given a very specific set of tasks. They are the people who “ensure that a social network’s newsfeed is relevant and accurate based on the criteria given.”

In other words, determining if content is appropriate may be part of their work. Yet they might also identify what a company might be missing or overlooking in its social media efforts. For instance, many companies build social media campaigns around ad words, keywords, and concepts that their marketing departments develop. Yet, those might be really missing the point and have no connection or response on social media.

This is where evaluation helps to identify areas where interaction and responsiveness is highest – and it can focus on one company or that company as compared to its entire industry. As another expert explained, though, the social media evaluator also looks at a companies’ interactivity in all social media. In other words, it goes beyond page views, and the evaluator has to be of some use to their client or company in their ability to identify content that is failing versus content that is thriving, and even suggest the direction that content should go.

As a simple example, a social media evaluator is going to evaluate photos, run test searches to see what returns and even consider the relevance of advertisements, among other tasks. They’ll assess the current conditions of a company’s social media program and help determine where changes may be beneficial and perhaps suggest what changes to make. And yet, because the projects done by any social media evaluator are so varied, there is room for many in the field.

What It Takes to be a Social Media Evaluator

Of course, there are also some basic requirements that most companies in need of evaluators demand you meet before you can be hired for the work. For example:

  • You will need to commit to a specific numbers of hours and days per week
  • You must be adept at social media use, and online on a daily basis. In fact, the sources from which you derive your work are your own news feeds, and so it is very important that you are active on many sites
  • You have to be able to follow directions with precision and accuracy
  • You must be a good communicator (written and spoken)
  • You should be a self-motivated person who has no problem working independently

So, although it might sound like a heap of fun to be a social media evaluator and get paid to spend a lot of time on websites like Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and more, you also have to be ready to help companies build a more engaged audience.

You won’t find yourself aimlessly reviewing news feeds. Instead, your work is supposed to help companies know when and what to post and how to design content that their readers will engage with, and maybe even doing a bit of psychological work figuring out why different social media efforts succeeded or failed.

And remember, most people hired as a social media evaluator are not full time staff. They are freelancers who get periodic assignments, and rarely are guaranteed ongoing work. They usually have to hand over at least one weekend day, as well. However, it is likely that those who do well for the companies that hire them will get extended contracts or offers of ongoing work. Some of the best sites to find work as a social media evaluator include:

Appen Butler Hill – This is a major force in the world of social media. Not only can you find work as a social media evaluator, but also as a transcriber, translator and moderator. They are champions when it comes to work at home gigs, and they are a major source for anyone eager to get involved in this sort of work.

eaHELP – This is more of a social media management position, and is for those with strong computer skills as well as social media experience. They are noted for offering some of the most competitive earnings.

Lionbridge – This is one of the world’s most noted marketing services companies, and they have ongoing needs in the social media evaluator field.

VOT – This site specializes in work from home and virtual assignments. They frequently make social media evaluator jobs available, with the caveat that you are a U.S. based worker.

You can also simply enter in the term “social media evaluator” at any of the biggest job search engines (think Indeed, Upwork, Monster and others) to see what’s available.

Getting Started in Social Media Evaluation

So, what we know about a social media evaluator thus far is that it is usually part-time work that is done entirely online, often remotely and requires you to have some skills in social media. You are asked to assess the relevance of information that shows up on a company’s news feed and then help determine if there is enough interaction between that company and the people following or aligned with it on various social media channels.

Does this sort of work seem to align with other activities you might do to earn regular income? In other words, can you apply what you might learn in freelance social media evaluation work to anything else? Absolutely! Let’s spend some time exploring a simple example to see how you can roll your time spent in social media evaluation into a more profitable outcome.

Using Social Media Evaluation in Your Favor

As you might know from my other articles, I am a huge advocate of blogging, affiliate marketing and other work from home opportunities. I feel they provide most of us with an easy method for making regular, somewhat passive income that can supplement our regular earnings or serve as our sole source of income.

If you are someone who is tasked with assessing the ways that a specific company’s social media efforts are working or failing, you are also in possession of very valuable information. For instance, you know what’s hot and what’s not in regards to specific industries.

And no matter what industry we are looking at, if you have basic details about hot trends (which is part of your evaluation work) and what sort of content is really drawing attention, you can start to create that content yourself.

Using your insider’s knowledge, you can use some of the different freelance writing methods I have mentioned in the past to begin generating income. You can also become a publisher (which is another way of describing the work you do as an affiliate marketer) to sell valuable information and material to websites that you have been evaluating.

Here’s what I mean:

  • You get a part-time job working with a company that does social media evaluation.
  • You see the topics that their social media followers respond to the most. As you discover these details, jot down some notes about it.
  • What is the focus?
  • What are the topics that get the most responses, questions, comments, and so on?
  • Finish the evaluator work according to the company’s requirements, and then turn your attention to the creation of content that can meet the needs of that industry.

Let’s say you were looking at a food manufacturer’s social media. You saw that there was a lot of interest in their being more transparent about ingredients or using ingredients that were more natural and healthy. Your report as an evaluator would make mention of the fact that the greatest spike in interest and interaction came from that company’s materials that emphasized updates in their ingredients.

Where else in their social media did they address this topic? Did they have a page at Pinterest with infographics or images that might appeal to those eager to see or support changes? Did they have any articles or blogs about the importance of specific changes or the use of certain ingredients? Did they ask (via social media) for input from consumers?

Whatever is missing, you can step in and supply them with the content that will generate interest. Is it working against the firm for which you are doing evaluator work? Only a bit; and the good news is that most don’t have non-compete agreements because they view your work from an evaluation standpoint and not a provider of content.

If you want to take a less aggressive approach, you can simply start to build a supply channel for all companies in that industry. Write some blogs and share them with the different firms via their social media outlets. Make photos, unique graphics, and videos or podcasts that touch on relevant topics and keywords. Soon, you will see income arriving in the form of purchased content and paid gigs writing anything from social media comments to full-blown sites or articles.

Do you need an illustration of this? Let’s stick with the food manufacturer. Let’s say they make dressings and other similar products. You create a blog about trends in healthier, cleaner foods – emphasizing dressings and their use by big name food companies – and share it with a number of food company newsfeeds. Tag the brands, including those you are eager to market materials to, and watch as their people share your content.

At the same time, you will also want to have more than a single blog ready and create infographics or images that are very shareable. Emphasize the creation of visual, video and audio content as this is what most social media users respond to. This can serve as the basis for your future interactions with those firms, and you can continue to use what you learned doing analysis and evaluation to keep producing materials and choosing any affiliate products that sell.

Naturally, not every job you do is going to give you information you find interesting enough to pursue in this way, but you are sure to run across at least a handful of opportunities. Choose those that really appeal to you and your creativity will help you to establish secondary streams of income in addition to your social media evaluator work.

If a particular industry and industry issue grasb you, you can build an entire blog and website around it. You can delve deeply into and make a lot of income by speaking to those who are also interested. This is the heart of effective affiliate marketing and with sincere interest in the subject matter, you really cannot fail.

Simples Ways to Earn Income from Social Media Evaluation

Never ignore the value of information, and particularly as it applies to effective social media. Anything that goes viral is of the utmost value to the companies associated with it. Whether that is a meme, video, ad or something else, if it is hot in the world of social media, it is worth its weight in gold to the companies that generate it.

Yet, as one expert noted, “What got a million views in 2014 might not get ten thousand in 2016”. That is why companies always want to know more about the way that people use the Internet and social media and why you can get paid as a social media evaluator.

And, if you think about it, all of your online work provides you with a final way to earn even more passive income, albeit smaller sums. After all, you are someone who is going to use the Internet constantly. It won’t ever be a matter of “if” you used the mobile, tablet and laptop, but how often and for how long? That is why you must use rewards-based apps when using the Internet to do evaluator work.

In another article, I looked at passive ways to earn money using apps such as the popular Panel App, MobileXpression and Nielsen Mobile apps. These are apps that you install on a tablet or phone and then earn money just by allowing them to collect your usage information. Where do you go? What do you do? This insight is invaluable to advertisers, but as someone who is working online, you are really overlooking incredible opportunities for earning if you don’t use such apps along with your evaluation work, affiliate marketing and blogging.


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