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Earn Real Money Using Apps

Have you ever looked up from your phone or tablet and realized that an hour (or more) has passed? Whether you call it wasting time on the Internet, falling down a wormhole or simply spacing out, you end up losing out. Whether it is simply that you burned through precious time that might have been better spent doing something else, or you failed to get something important done, it is a bit of a disappointment to fall prey to the lure of the Internet.

Fortunately, you don’t have to break that habit when you can simply alter it. In this article, we’ll look at many ways to earn money using apps. In most instances, you simply download them and use them (or allow them to run) and you can make regular, monthly income. They are actually quite different, though, and you will want to choose them strategically.

After all, to earn money using apps may require regular input from you. That is the part where you alter your Internet habit instead of trying to break it. For example, rather than playing a game mindlessly for 30 minutes or longer, you use one or more of the apps and rack up some earnings. Let’s look at the most legit of these apps and discover you can begin to earn money using apps daily or on a regular basis.

Nearly Passive Ways to Earn Money Using Apps

MobileXpression Describing themselves as a “market research panel designed to understand the trends and behaviors of people using the mobile Internet.” To participate, you simply install their software on an appropriate mobile device (they accept tablets and smartphones). The software silently monitors your activity and helps the company determine the many ways we use our devices. Information is not sold but assessed by a special panel which drafts reports for the industry. And what do you get for allowing software to track your behavior? Cash, gift cards and merchandise. There are weekly sweepstakes, too.

Survey Savvy Another market research app, it collects similar data as you navigate around the web using mobile apps or actual websites. Join their Project Gold program and you get $5 per device each month the SavvyConnect app is installed. You are also invited to take online surveys via the app and you can participate in the referral program that pays you for any surveys your referrals take. There are also monthly sweepstakes and contests.

Nielsen Mobile The famous Nielsen surveys monitor much more than television statistics. They also have a simple app that allows you to get around $50 per year just for installing their app and using your smartphone as you normally do.

Panel App – Anyone with a smartphone can download the app and allow it to collect data in the background throughout the day. You get rewards and sweepstakes entries in return for supplying data. You can also refer someone and get a portion of their daily location points.

Slidejoy This is mobile software that you install and which is used by an innovative group of advertisers to give them a guaranteed first impression on mobile devices by appearing even before the password screen. It rewards users with monthly payouts for allowing them to track interest in the ads and improving user experience from the data.

Fronto Similar to Slidejoy, it is a mobile app that gives you rewards when you wake up your phone. If the content is interesting to you, you swipe left and learn more. If not, swipe right and go to the home screen. For doing this, you earn rewards such as cash, gift cards or deal coupons.

Screenpay Another in the style of Fronto and Slidejoy, this app allows you to see promotions and offers based on the topics of your choice. If you are interested, just drag the icon to launch more information or slide it to the app icon and unlock the device. And for giving that bit of time and space on the device you are rewarded with cash, gift cards and more.

Perk Touted as the top mobile reward program because of its longer list of prizes, giveaways, miles, donations and referral rewards, it is another of the apps thatĀ  rewards you for allowing the app to run before your unlock screen. If you are interested in what they offer, take the action required. If not, just choose that option and unlock the phone. (Currently for Android phones only)

Adme This is the oldest of the home screen apps. As long as it is installed, you receive content and whether or not you interact with the content, you get rewarded. Most users earn around $20 per month.

As you can see, it is amazingly easy to earn regular income just by installing apps on your mobile devices and then receiving rewards for doing so. Go about your day, do your normal browsing or Internet activities and cash in. You can even create multiple accounts with unique email addresses that might allow you to register your tablet, phone and even laptop separately, tripling potential earnings. Referring in all of your accounts also means more income earned by doing absolutely nothing!

If you have a bit of time to spare, though, you can also get rewarded for simply downloading and trying out free apps.

Less Passive Ways to Earn Money Using Apps

If you have enough time to head to the Apple Apps store or the Google Play store (or wherever you get your apps) and then download a new app to test out, you can start to bring in money for your free time using these options.

FeaturePoints Download this app and, through it, download additional apps. Try them out for a few minutes and get rewarded with money in your PayPal account or gift cards to a long list of popular sites, including Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes and more.

AppTrailers As the name implies, you spend a few moments watching trailers for new apps and earn points. Hit points targets and you can then redeem them for gift cards at the most popular sites.

FreeMyApps By enrolling in this site, you get an array of new apps and games offered to you to try. Download and use them, and in return you get credits to apply to a large number of gift card options.

AppKarma Install this app and receive app offers appropriate to your chosen interests. Accept offers, install the apps and use them. You may need to get to a certain level or spend a specific amount of time to get the reward. Within 24 hours you are given points to use in exchange for a wide array of popular gift cards.

You can also earn money using apps by giving more active feedback and opinions. This is likely going to take a bit more time than the previous ways to earn money using apps, but can be quite rewarding.

Give Opinions and Earn Money Using Apps

Just as the more passive apps for earning income run the gamut from zero input to light interaction with the home screen, there are opinion and survey sites that ask for minimal input and others that require a lot more time to bring in the rewards. In the list below, you’ll find apps that ask you to watch videos, take surveys, play games and other more active steps. Many have referral programs, and as always, we strongly urge you to use them to the greatest extent possible as they are some of the easiest ways to earn passive income.

OpinionOutpost Load their app to your device and answer some basic questions about your consumer habits. They then send out invitations to take surveys on a regular basis. Keeping your profile updated usually provides you with more survey invites. You do the survey, and get rewards.

InboxDollars Probably one of the most famous sites/apps that pays you money for very little input. It is a complicated site at first look and seems to have a lot going on. However, you can pick and choose the activities you wish to do. You might take surveys for half an hour one day, watch some videos about interesting subjects on another day and interact with the site’s other features on yet another day. They pay you for everything you do and you then cash out via PayPal.

SwagBucks Similar to InboxDollars, Swagbucks is a mobile app that allows you to earn gift cards for your online shopping, survey takingĀ  and video viewing. Create an account, answer profile questions and start using it whenever you have a bit of time to bring in easy money.

Checkpoints Download the free app for your device and start watching videos, completing offers and taking quizzes to earn points. You then get rewards in the form of gift cards. You can also shop through the app for points and enter their many giveaways.

GrabPoints Similar to the other apps above, you download this app or use the website to take surveys, download apps, watch videos or complete offers. You then earn cash or gift cards in return.

iSay This is one site with a much wider array of activities regarding opinions and feedback. You take online surveys, participate in their online polls, and use their site to earn rewards. They also have ongoing contests and a fantastic loyalty program.

iPoll Described as an “online and mobile community where your unique perspective is your gain”, it asks you to answer questions about services you use and products you buy, as well as places you often visit. In return, you are rewarded with gift cards and other prizes.

1Q Get paid 50 cents for answering a single question using this app. They ask companies to narrow down the issues to a simple question (calling them “Askverts”) and you are given half a dollar for each one you answer. The money is then sent to your PayPal account.

Surveys on the Go Download the app, create your account and then start to take surveys from a list of general, topical surveys. Choose from technology and lifestyle to media and general surveys, among many others. You earn cash and simply request payout when you hit a specific goal.

Panel Station With more than three million users, this app is actually shaping many industries. You give opinions on “consumer goods, technology, healthcare, travel, and finance help global brands build better products and create better experiences” and you get paid to do it. Just register, participate in surveys using a mobile device or computer and get compensated for your time.

Google Opinion Rewards Get up to $1 from Google for every survey you complete. They take only a few moments and are often just simple yes/no queries. Google will alert you to any survey options and then reward you for the time.

QuickThoughts Download the app, answer basic profile questions and receive invitations to participate in surveys. Depending on your profile, you may receive many invitations or only a few. You are rewarded for anything you do through the app.

These are just a few of the ways you can earn money using apps, and we strongly encourage you to explore this topic on a regular basis. Whether you want to just get paid for watching videos on a tablet or phone or you wish to give out data or feedback that can make a real difference, you should definitely use these apps. You won’t ever get annoyed with yourself again should you wind up spending an hour or more “down the wormhole” that is the Internet. Sure, it’s a lot of fun to watch cat videos, learn all about DIY projects, or hang out on social media, but you can also earn money using apps. Start with a half of an hour of your time and you’ll see a difference in the bank account almost immediately.