Quick Ways to Make Cash with Your Car


You read that title above and probably thought, “Well, I probably won’t be able to use tips like ‘become an Uber driver’, so this isn’t for me.” However, you would be wrong. Though we will touch briefly on the potential earnings when comparing Lyft vs Uber for drivers, in this article we are going to consider many other ways to make good, consistent and quick money with your car.

While there are a lot of so-called tips on how to make quick money with your car that including putting it into “hock” with one of those disreputable title loan firms or putting a lot of wear and tear on it via driving services, there are many less destructive ways to make quick money with your car. In fact, we have several options that let you keep your vehicle in good condition and not pile up the miles! In fact, these are such appealing ways to make consistent earnings that we’ll consider them first.

Work as an Elder Concierge

Do you know about the field of elder concierge? If not, and if you are seriously looking for an interesting and beneficial way to earn income, it is something to consider. A concierge, in the classic sense is someone who offers customized services to those in need. The concierge is often someone at a hotel or luxury resort who can book transportation, activities, and arrange for all kinds of services. When you take the role of an elder concierge, you are also doing something similar, but instead of just arranging these things, you provide them.

That means that your work as an elder concierge can be focused on the use of your car. As an example, you may know of neighbors or friends with senior family members no longer able to drive. You can offer them your services as their elder concierge to take them to appointments, drive them to their daily activities or on errands like shopping trips. You don’t even have to drive passengers but can instead offer your services as a driver doing weekly runs to pharmacies, grocery stores and other destinations for your customers.

This can let you use a day off or free hours before and after work to monetize the ownership of your car. Just consider, you might approach a senior community or an over 55 neighborhood and post signs or let management know that you extend these services. Soon, you might have regular “gigs” that allow you to charge reasonable rates for elder concierge services, errand running and more. And you can just make yourself available to do these things on your days off – ensuring you make income even when you’re not technically working!

And what if you have more time or the desire to do more than run errands for seniors? You can always make yourself and your car available for all of the other people who can benefit from such services. As an example:

  • You can offer shuttles to and from local airports – If you are lucky enough to be near a major airport, you might earn a day’s pay in just a single trip to and from a large airport. You will need a larger car and one that is comfortable and functional, but if you have such a vehicle, airport runs are a great way to make quick money with a car. You are not an official livery service if you are just a “word of mouth” provider, and many in this field find consistent work with the same clients.
  • You can offer transportation services for fellow parents – Are you that soccer parent with the minivan? Maybe you have kids you pick up and run from one after school activity to another several times a week? If so, did you realize that other parents might be thrilled to pay you a few dollars to do the same for their kids. This also requires a safe car equipped with adequate seat belts and in good running condition. If that sounds like you, just pass the word that you are happy to bring one or two additional kids to the same destinations you are already headed. It is likely you’ll get enough to fill the tank or pay a portion of the car payment just by taking on a few passengers.
  • You can pick up a newspaper route – Easily one of the best ways to make quick money with a car is to enlist yourself in a newspaper’s home delivery service. You will actually find that there is strong competition for many newspaper routes – particularly the Sunday morning routes as that is the day with the highest rate of pay. However, you can also make a tidy sum by doing a run while most of the world is still asleep. If you are a morning person, pay attention to detail and need to earn a bit of cash, you can often put your car to good use doing this a few days a week.
  • You can become a resource to local dog groomers – If you have a car with a sizeable passenger or cargo area, you can help a local groomer become semi-mobile. How? Work with them to offer transportation for furry clients. You would go to and from a dog’s home, transporting them to the groomer for their appointment. You could arrange a specific schedule with bookings that ensured your days off or free hours were filled with dog runs, and make quick money with your car.
  • You might also do as we advised in a previous article about using a car for a second income and begin offering transport for local farmers, bringing their goods to grocery stores, restaurants and even co-ops or weekly markets. You might even establish yourself as a sort of middle man/woman who creates relationships between the farmers and the customers and who makes their profits by making weekly or twice weekly deliveries.
  • You can also just do an array of errands on a per hour basis. There are services like Instacart and Care.com that allow you to register yourself as a driver or errand runner for people of all ages and backgrounds. This will let you lock into a specific array of destinations and hours. So, you might monetize the time you spend in your car doing your own errands by signing up to do shopping and other activities for others.

If the idea of doing errands for others, such as shopping, picking up prescriptions and transporting kids to and from activities does not appeal to you, then you might want to consider food delivery. Many urban and suburban areas already have services like UberEats, Seamless, Grubhub and Doordash, among others. These are sites similar to Uber and Lyft in which you sign on for specific hours of the day. However, instead of transporting passengers, you are delivering food from your chosen restaurants to clients who put in delivery orders.

This is not as potentially difficult as it sounds since most restaurants have mileage limitations and will not book deliveries outside of a specific distance. That means you won’t find yourself driving for half of an hour and earning barely enough to cover the gas!

Consider a Vlog

Of course, we said that there were ways to make quick money from your car that did not put any wear and tear or miles on it, and one of the best is to make a “vlog” or video blog about the car. Why would anyone be interested in that? The answer is simple: DIY.

Many people want to keep money in their pockets by doing common repairs and maintenance on a DIY basis. Yet, these same folks do not know quite how to get many things done. If you are good with car care and have a decent video camera, you can make any number of helpful vlogs that show the DIY methods for oil changes, checking tire pressure, changing a tire and doing less routine tasks such as air filter replacement and even advanced repairs. Show yourself installing after market car seat covers or floor mats, and create a channel around your specific vehicle.

As an example, I drive a tiny Chevy Spark and there is a whole world of enthusiasts about these funny, fast and super economical cars. Videos illustrating different maintenance and repair techniques are popular, and many are reached via a standard blog about the process or vehicle.

If you look at those blogs, many have links embedded in them leading to sales pages for the gear, tools and items used. This is what is known as affiliate marketing, which is another super savvy way to make quick cash with your car. As an example, let’s say I wanted to make a vlog about changing a headlight in my car. I would do the step by step video, but then I would also create a blog with lots of links to the site where I get parts (and which pays me for any sales coming from my blog or vlog links). I would also work in some “tips” about cleaning and polishing the car, and use affiliate links for those products.

The opportunities in affiliate profits are endless, and if you are savvy about them, you could make ongoing, passive and consistent cash just by blogging and vlogging about your car.

The Car Wrap Option

Of course, another way that lets you passively earn income with your car is to use a car wrap option. This sounds odd, but it is really just a way of letting a marketing firm use your car to sell something. Firms like AutowrappedPay Me For Driving and Carvertise put an array of decals or other removable items all over the car, and you get paid for driving it around. Yes, your car becomes a sort of mobile billboard, but if you are not embarrassed by that concept, then you can take in a tidy sum for doing nothing more than driving your usual amount.

You do need to drive enough miles and live in an area that is within the advertising firm’s desired region, but if the circumstances line up, it is one of the simplest ways to make quick cash from your car.

Firms like Viewswagon also have advertising platforms that are run from inside a car. This is a good way for Uber and Lyft drivers to make extra income on top of their driving, but if you have a proven record of private shuttles (such as someone who does lots of airport runs), the company may offer you an opportunity, as well.

And that brings us to Uber and Lyft. The earnings, as most will tell you, vary most on your location. Lyft does not have the same presence that Uber does, but is catching up. Their terms are a bit different and your potential earnings are based on your availability and willingness to drive specific times of day or night. Should you do it? It boils down to a few factors.

How old is the car? What is it going to cost you to put that wear and tear on it? Is driving something you enjoy doing no matter the conditions? How much do you need to make to ensure it is worth your while?

Whether or not there is demand for such services is also a major factor. The good news is that there are so many other ways to make money with your car than simply signing on for a driving service. Though this is probably one of the quickest ways to start taking in income, you can find a lot of flexible and independent approaches, too.

Don’t think that an old car cannot help you to bring in income. In another article, we looked specifically at ways you can start to make money with your car, even if it is old and a bit beat up. Almost anyone can monetize their car, and even do so in their spare time or days off!



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