Sell on Fiverr to Eliminate Debt


Whether you have some pesky debts left over from your holiday spending or you are facing a small mountain of debt (school loans, credit cards, medical expenses, and more), you would probably be able to sell on Fiverr and pay it off. How is that possible? If you talk to experts about success with the site, most agree that everyone has “skills to leverage that you don’t even realize are special.”

Niche Selling Is the Key

And if you take just a few moments to consider just what those skills might be, you can use them to establish yourself as a “niche” seller on Fiverr. Now, I just used the word “niche” and that is the key if you wish to sell on Fiverr, be competitive and make good returns. It won’t matter if your “gig” charges the standard $5 per item or service, or you go into the pricier package deals. If you are trying to sell something that is out there in a million different formats, you won’t find a steady income.

As one Fiverr success story teaches us, if you put a long list of skills on a profile (let’s say you put editing, proofreading, writing, and other similar skills) in your profile and offer that as your “service”, you probably won’t get a lot of nibbles from buyers. If, on the other hand, you focus specifically on one – let’s say proofreading/editing – you can really start to stand out and get more targeted buyers.

If you make it even more specific, say editing and proofreading eBooksor web content, you are really honing in on an audience, and it is an audience that is a good one to target. After all, the web is the hub of all business and organizational communication. If your work relates to it in some way, you are sure to find ongoing jobs. However, you could be someone who builds a reputation for editing resumes, proofreading term papers or graduate theses, or just about anything else.

Having Passion Is Important, Too

Of course, you should have a sincere passion for whatever skill you offer. As an example, Joel Young is a pastor with a young family and he and his wife found they were facing around $50k in debt. It was due to school loans, credit debt, and car loans. They agreed they needed to eliminate it quickly, so Joel used his passion for public speaking to begin doing voice over work and sell it on Fiverr. In a very short time, his Fiverr profile was flooded with requests and he expanded into videos and more. He started small, with $5 gigs but was soon in demand for his skills.

So, you need to find your skills, narrow them down to a niche that will appeal to an array of potential buyers over the long term, and you have to be sure you enjoy using that skill. After all, if you sell on Fiverr, but dislike the work you sell, it is unlikely to lead to success.

Another important step is to remember that your niche is important, but diversity is also significant. For instance, let’s say you establish yourself at that popular $5 price point; doing five pages of editing and proofreading for $5 total. With that model, you are really limiting your potential. Instead, you can use the simple Fiverr packages solution and create packages for working on eBooks, editing websites, and more. You can choose the price that fits best and open yourself up to more clients and business.

You will find that a model of this kind could quickly build into a nearly full-time gig rather than a simple way to pay down your debts. Yet, even if you sell on Fiverr purely as a lucrative side gig, this is the model to follow. Then, once you discover how to earn the most, how to fit the work into your schedule and how to give clients top rate service or products, it is time to figure out how to direct that money towards debts.

Eliminating Debts

Whether you try to eliminate debt $5 at a time or in larger sums, you can use the earnings from what you sell on Fiverr in two strategic ways. You can use the popular “snowball” approach, which takes its name from the way large snowballs are formed. They start small and gain momentum and size over time. This model might look like this:

You have a credit card with $1500, two student loans (one with $8k and another with $11k) and a dental bill of $600. The snowball method would have you focus on paying off the smallest balance (the dental bill) first and putting only minimum amounts towards the rest. You would put every spare penny towards that first debt and eliminate it fast. This could mean using every bit of profit from what you make as you sell on Fiverr towards the debt.

Once done, just move on to the next. This approach lets you stay in good standing with debts, but also lets you see measurable reductions in the total amount.

The other approach is known as the “avalanche” because it looks at the debts with the highest interest rates rather than the highest balances. It takes its name from the way an avalanche works, starting at the peak and heading downward. It too requires you to keep current with the minimum payments on all loans, but to direct extra and larger payments towards the balance with the highest interest rate. Though it does not seem so, it is a fast way to pay off loans, and is also easily done if you successfully sell on Fiverr and direct all earnings towards the loan.

And while it sounds as if you can quickly make the jump from a full-time job and just sell on Fiverr, most experts advise caution. It is a wonderful way to get an ongoing side gig, but it does take work to establish yourself, and it can be a far less reliable source of income than a fixed, full-time job. Even if you provide premium services and goods as well as excellent customer service, the market is not always predictable. Look at the opportunity to sell on Fiverr as a good one, but think of it as a supplementary and supporting way to bring in income.

Of course, as most of my readers know, I always recommend creating reliable streams of passive income through affiliate marketing, and when you sell on Fiverr, it also opens up this door. I want to look at just how that might work and walk you through a step by step illustration. Why? Because it could help you transform the potentially lucrative use of Fiverr to eliminate debt into an almost sure thing!

Remember, you need to first master the model outlined above – identifying your saleable skills and passions, shaping your unique or strong niche, and delivering premium customer service – and only then will expanding on it (as illustrated below) be sure to succeed.

How to Sell on Fiverr and Enjoy Passive Income

As a Fiverr seller, it means you might also find yourself selling via other channels. For instance, you might create a blog to direct potential buyers to your Fiverr profile page or your website’s sales page. In fact, I encourage you to do so.

This is one of the best ways to establish yourself as an expert or professional in your Fiverr niche, whatever it might be. It lets you comment (via blogs) about the field or industry in which you focus, talk about the importance of the work you do and explain how your Fiverr work provides a solution to a customer’s needs or challenges.

To see how you might find success on Fiverr, let’s look at a very basic illustration. In our example, we’ll stick to that proofreading and/or editing niche. On your profile, you explain what you do and offer an array of pricing points and packages.

However, you also have that blog, and in it you will blog about subjects like the importance of good grammar in resumes and cover letters, provide tips about writing improving website copy, and much more. The goal of these informative and even entertaining blogs, though, is not to sell or ensure that by reading them someone also clicks any links to the Fiverr profile page.

No, what you should aim to do with the blog is to position yourself as a dedicated professional. By giving away free advice, it may seem counter intuitive to your goal of making a profit, but you can be sure that the biggest blogging success stories emphasize that model. They write those popular and frequently shared posts with titles that provide a good summary of what you can expect in the content. For example, “5 Reasons You Should Proofread Your Emails Before Hitting Send” or “Simple Tips for Sounding Smarter in Your Content”. These are articles or blogs that people are always going to share or find useful.

With the blogger’s links embedded in the text, it starts to enhance their SEO, but it also gives them credibility in their particular niche. This is particularly true if you do take the time to research the ideal keywords for your area of expertise. Using tools like Google AdWords and other SEO resources can help you figure out just how to boost readership.

Then, in author areas you can embed links to your Fiverr page and watch as your inquiries, gigs and sales increase. Yet, I am also all about passive income, and I want you to know how to create opportunities there, as well.

Passive Income When You Sell on Fiverr

So, let’s say that you have written 50 blogs that are bringing in decent amounts of traffic and getting you ongoing work on Fiverr. You can then pull together those blogs and turn them into an eBook. You can make this Fiverr eBook available at the $5 download, and turn an easy profit on repurposed work.

Yet, that is not the end of the story because your eBook is a digital file. This is where you can start to use affiliate marketing tactics to further boost profitability off of any eBook or blog you create.

Affiliate marketing actually emphasizes your role as a publisher. You put out content that includes your unique affiliate links. These are links given to you by top affiliate sites and other companies and when they are used by a reader to make a purchase (or even just to take a specific action), you get a financial reward or compensation. So, in that $5 eBook on top editing tricks, you might also embed links to software that you find helpful, and which you have an affiliate relationship with. You might recommend any number of gadgets and books and use your Amazon affiliate links to send readers to the purchase pages.

The opportunities in affiliate marketing are nearly endless, and it just takes you looking at that basic framework to find out where affiliate work overlaps with your Fiverr and blogging work.

  • You create simple $5 gigs on Fiverr as well as more advanced packages
  • You create a blog that looks at various elements or activities that relate to the different gigs you offer
  • You make affiliate relationships that relate to your readers’ needs; choosing products or services that they would find useful and relevant
  • You create content around affiliate marketing goals, but never forget that your readers’ trust is of the utmost importance. Never go for a direct sale.
  • Use your blogs or original text to create one or more eBooks to sell on Fiverr and be sure they feature those functional affiliate links

In a short time, you will see that your $5 at a time gigs may have expanded greatly and that your debts are diminishing or even gone. This is a model that can be used for everything from travel and fashion to food and business niches. Take time to map it out for your goals and get rid of your debt starting now.



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