Travel and Save While Earning Money


That title sounds like an impossible dream, doesn’t it? The idea that you might travel the world while simultaneously saving AND earning money defies the laws of modern economics…but, it actually doesn’t. There is an entire group of people who call themselves “digital nomads” and their goal is to do just as that title describes. They are typically writers, graphic designers and others who can work purely online. They are also usually based out of the United States, but they use the power of the dollar to their advantage.

What they do is look at the places where the dollar is the strongest and then actually relocate to those areas for six months or more. Making the very most out of every penny they earn – enjoying a remarkably low cost of living while taking in their average U.S. based income.This enables most of them to set aside large amounts of earnings in savings and retirement investments while also enjoying life in a beautiful, often exotic location.

So, if you are someone who rents a home, has no family or pets to relocate and who wishes to travel and save lots of money while earning income, consider the viability of life as a digital nomad. Such trusted sources of financial and business information as Forbes recommend it, and the most common professions in which this works are:

  • Blogging
  • Writing
  • IT
  • Programming and developing
  • Almost anything that can be done remotely on a laptop
  • Everything that involves passive income such as affiliate marketing linked to your blogging and/or writing

Now, with that in mind, you can also use this method to become a domestic digital nomad. For example, looking at regions of the U.S. in which the cost of living is lower than average prices elsewhere. This comes with the advantage of knowing you are going to have non-stop access to reliable Internet services typically and you are going to be, at most, one or two time zones away from clients or potential employers (unless you find an affordable rent in Hawaii!)

Yet, we can also show you even more ways to travel and save money while earning an income. This is because there are a few exciting things you can opt to do while remaining a digital nomad. Just consider:

Motorhome Transfers

If the idea of being a long distance truck driver has ever appealed to you, or you love the romance of the American highways, then motorhome transfers is an ideal “gig” for you to consider. Though each company that uses motorhome transfers may do them differently, the basic premise is this:

  • You are heading one way, returning a full sized motorhome to its original starting point after someone has rented it and driven it a considerable distance across the country.
  • You pay a nominal “rental” fee for the use of the motorhome as you transfer it across the country. Often you pay around $1 to $25 a day, plus the cost of gas.
  • You will be parking in actual RV facilities each night, and you are not required to drive through each day and depart the next morning – you can actually spend some time at each stop.
  • In the end, you pay a minimal amount for the use of the vehicle and have traversed a great stretch of countryside in comfort and style

Naturally, motorhome transfers are on an as-needed basis and may not take you to the more appealing destinations you have been eager to see, but it is a great way to enjoy a low-cost lifestyle while you see all different areas of the U.S.

If you can live out of your suitcases, you can book back to back gigs of this kind for an entire season and take in lots of sites along the way. You could even incorporate that into your daily work, blogging about your journeys and promoting specific areas, restaurant chains or even the RV maker!

How do you find motorhome transfers? You simply Google the term and see which firms have listings at the moment. You can also use the ThriftyNomads website to see if there are any relocation deals they have available. TransferCarUS is another one as well as Imoocomva., Jucy, El Monte and Apollo.

Keep in mind that some motorhome transfers are by waiting list only and you may have time constraints. You might also have to bring a lot of your own supplies, such as linens and kitchen gear. However, what a great way to see the country and earn some money while you do it!

What if you are not a digital nomad? Can you still earn money and save while you are traveling? Absolutely! Just do a search for caretaker jobs, particularly those in lovely locations during peak seasons.

As an example, you can discover how to become an island caretaker in such appealing spots as Boston Harbor during the summer months. This is not a job for the introvert, though, as it is similar to that of a ranger, doing some trail grooming, overseeing some volunteer activities and interacting with the public.

However, it means entirely free living quarters, an excellent salary averaging over $2500 per month, and you are in that amazingly beautiful spot which you can enjoy every evening and on your days off.

This is not the only opportunity of its kind, and anyone eager to find similar work that lets them travel to different parts of the country (or world), earn money and save a lot of typical living expenses, will want to consider looking at sites like:

The Caretaker Gazette

Caretaker Jobs


Estate Jobs

Job Monkey: Coolest Jobs on Earth

Modern-Day Nomads

Workers on Wheels

So, if you are eager to discover how to become an island caretaker, an outdoor guide or just have one of those cool jobs that pay for most of your overhead while also paying you a tidy sum for your work, those resources are anidea.

If you are not among the modern nomads who are interested in a computer-based job nor do you want to deal with the outdoors or lots of driving, you still have options. In fact, you have one of the most appealing and popularoptions – the movies and TV!

Hollywood Calls

Now, let’s preface this with one caveat – movies and TV shows are not made only in Hollywood. Los Angeles is not among the more affordable places to live, so don’t think that this next way of traveling and saving as you actually earn money means relocating to L.A. While there are most certainly always going to be movie extras needed in Los Angeles, they are also required almost anywhere else. Websites such as Backstage offers up to the minute information about the latest audition and casting calls. However, never overlook the power of Google. You can type in terms like “movie extras needed Los Angeles”, but you can do the same with your own area. For example, let’s say you live near New Orleans, there is a ton of work being done in that region now and it is likely that searching for “casting call New Orleans” or “movie TV extras New Orleans” can yield details.

Should you move to get work as an extra? New York, L.A. and other cities are consistently good resources for this sort of work, but it locks you into that location and does not let you save as you hope to earn. The best way to take advantage of opportunities for TV and movie extras is to find state and local movie and film commissions, find out what permits and plans are on file and then scout around for casting calls. Once you get just a few credits under your belt, you’ll pick up more and more work. You can then get someone at an agency such as Casting Networks or Central Casting to help you get more work.

Play Time

Okay, so maybe you are not a global blogger, RV driver, outdoorsy type or fan of standing in front of a camera…how else can you see the world, save lots of money and earn a nice income too? Have you ever thought about working as an aupair in Europe?

An aupair or Au Pair is just a person, typically older than 18 and younger than 40, who is given a room in a family home in exchange for childcare and light housekeeping. It is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to take in a steady income, live in a really enjoyable and safe environment and see all different areas of the globe.

While Europeans are some of the most likely candidates for hiring an aupair, American families are also starting to lean in this direction, offering decent earnings to people who can live with them, drive the kids wherever they need to go, do housework and become a pseudo member of the family.

So, whether you live on the East Coast and have always wanted to live in a city like San Francisco or you wish to see all different parts of the world, don’t overlook jobs as an aupair. Keep in mind that you may want to have things like Red Cross certification in CPR and first aid, experience with professional child care and further training. The more skilled you are, the higher your earning potential.

If you speak a second (or third) language, you bump up your value to potential employers, and if you have already worked as a live-in child care provider, you can often find firms willing to identify the best employers.

For instance, sites like AuPairWorld actually partner up viable employees with the ideal families. This is a free service, but you do most of the legwork in identifying whether or not the job is a good fit. The same can be said of and some other agencies.

The good news is that getting hired as an AuPair means almost all of your travel-related expenses are paid for by your host family. Airfare, room and board and day to day travel will all be the responsibility of the family. You will often have a bedroom and bath of your own, fixed schedule with days off and a great deal more privacy than you might anticipate. Just be sure you explore all of the details and the expectations of any job you take as it can be amazingly upsetting to arrive in a foreign country to find you are bunking with the kids, sharing a bath with them and getting little to no privacy in exchange for five or six days of work per week.

If you get lucky with an aupair job, you can see the world, save a load of money and earn a nice sum, too.

So, you now have a lot of options open to you for earning money as you see the world. Whether you remain in a domestic setting, such as driving RVs back and forth across the U.S. doing motorhome transfers, or you find out how to become an island caretaker or do other seasonal gigs, you can travel, save and earn. You should also consider the need for movie extras needed Los Angeles and other corners of the country as this could become an ongoing and well-paying gig. You could even blog about it and earn income that way, as well; offering insight and tips to fellow “nomads”. Lastly, you can go a very traditional route and work as an aupair in Europe, getting essentials covered while providing child care and light housekeeping.

Which is right for you? Only you can say, but you don’t have to limit yourself to a single approach to traveling and earning. Remember that one goal is to save as you travel and not just break even. Some of the best ways to do that are mentioned here, but always look for places where the cost of living is lowestor the U.S. dollar stretches the farthest. When you find such areas, you can then roll up your sleeves and find a few good ways to earn a steady income as you enjoy a new culture.


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