Ways to Make Money With Music – Without Playing a Note


I love music of all kinds, and that’s fortunate because I live in an area of the world where musicians love to perform. Not far from sites like Woodstock, NY and New York City, I am also near such musical hotspots as Tanglewood, Xfinity Theaters, Nikon at Jones Beach and quite a few others. Plus, I am surrounded by smaller venues and theaters that make it easy to always find affordable musical entertainment. That made me wonder if there were legit way to make money from my proximity to these destinations. In other words, can I make money from music without playing a single note?

The answer: Yes!

In fact, almost anyone within an hour’s drive of a major venue is likely going to find many legit ways to make money from sporting or musical events held there. Additionally, anyone living absolutely nowhere near a large venue can still find ways to make money from music, even if they cannot play an instrument, sing or offer any sort of musical skill.

Let’s start with the legit ways to make money if you are nearby indoor and outdoor venues that frequently host large scale events.

Make Money from Music or Sporting Events

Let’s say you are one of the lucky people who lives within an hour’s drive of a major event venue. If so, you can start to make money from that situation in a few ways. These include:

  • Thinking of yourself as an accommodations provider
  • Thinking of yourself as a form of transportation
  • Thinking of yourself as a provider of specific services essential to people attending events
  • Thinking of yourself as a second-level provider of tickets and passes to the events

Let’s start with accommodations as a legit way to make money from your proximity to major events venues.

Most of us know about Airbnb and how it can be a simple way to allow you to make money from spare rooms in your home. If you are willing to have strangers in your living space, you can turn even a spare bedroom or empty den into a regular money maker. And this is particularly true if you are willing to dedicate time and effort into turning it into the perfect spot for the concert, festival or sporting event attendees. While a room with access to a shared bath and kitchen is acceptable under Airbnb policies, if you can find a way to offer up a private bath and kitchenette, you’ll make more.

Yet, keep in mind that Airbnb itself takes its name from the fact that its founders used this very same idea (renting out accommodations space because of their proximity to a venue). However, they used air mattresses in their expensive rental property’s living room, and offered them to people attending a conference in their city.

You can still make money from music and sporting events even if you don’t have a space. How? Airbnb also has “Experiences”, and you can become a host that gives people tours of the area and introduces them to experiences available only to that region. Whether you take people on food and drink tours, sightseeing, neighborhood walks, pub crawls or anything else, it serves as a legit way to make money through a site like Airbnb.

Other sites similar to Airbnb worth checking out include FlipKey, HomeAway, VRBO, HouseTrip, and Wimdu.

Don’t forget that you may even be able to make money from music and other large-scale events by renting out more unique spaces. Perhaps you have an RV or camper you keep parked on your property? Maybe you even have a tent or yurt in the yard? If so, you can also use the sites above and peer to peer options like RVShare to make your space available.

And if a living space, RV or tent in the yard are not an option, you can still find a legit way to make money by renting out your empty parking spots. In my article about monetizing the home, I mentioned this way of earning income. Go ahead and offer it up to people attending music festivals, sporting events and activities at those large venues. They might carpool from your area or just use it as a convenient place to park. The best options for this include ParkOnMyDrive , JustPark and Spot.

As you can see, it is easy to make money from music and sporting events just by considering things like accommodations and parking. You can also offer up your services as an Airbnb Experience host and enjoy a legit way to make money from people attending festivals, concerts and other events.

Now, let’s not get too far from the driveway and parking idea just yet. This is because a lot of people who attend large scale events don’t really want to deal with the driving. They might wish to enjoy the food and drink at the event, they may fear they will be too tired after a day or evening out, or they may just prefer to relax and let someone else handle it.

That means you can make money from music events, sporting events and other large scale activities by serving as a driver. You can sign up as a driver for the most famous apps, including Lyft and Uber, or you can offer your services to guests staying in your home or property as an add-on service. You can do the same if people are looking to rent out a parking spot and calling a cab to drive them to and from the venue.

It is easily one of the most legit ways to make money if you are close to a large venue or spot where musical or sporting events occur. You can even go online to social media sites where people attending those shows or events note they are “Going” and post that you are doing low-cost ride shares and transports. Allowing people to pre-book you in this way can guarantee that you have a regular income whenever major events occur at those  nearby hotspots.

What do you do during a show or event? Well, you could sit at home and wait for the time to start doing shuttles or pickups arrives, but you can also keep right on driving as someone delivering food to attendees at the events. For example, when people “tail gate” it can sometimes mean they didn’t get tickets to a sporting event. They might setup some means of making food, or they could count on delivery services. Driving for food deliver services like GrubHub, Uber Eats and others could be the perfect weekend gig and way to make money from music and other events.

Of course, another legit way to make money if your area is often flooded by travelers who have tickets to a local entertainment venue is to offer up homemade meals and foods. There are now apps and sites that make it totally legal and quite easy to open your home to paying diners. EatWith, AirDine, Feastly and MealSharing are all ways you can monetize home ownership, use your culinary skills and make money from music, festival and sporting events attendees.

This, in fact, could be a great thing to roll into an accommodations offer. You can offer visitors the space to sleep and bathe and then let them know that you are also someone who opens their home to paying diners through one of the apps. This could allow you to be their innkeeper (so to speak), their driver (if you offer transport services for a fee) and their private chef. You could market it as the ultimate experience for those who are attending a sporting, musical or other type of event nearby.

Another legit way to make money from big events – whether nearby or not – is to let people know that you are available for things like house sitting, pet sitting, and other types of home services. For instance, let’s say you are like me and you are close to some of the big venues. A few are far enough away to warrant an overnight stay. This means you can easily start to earn regular income just by letting others in the area know that you can walk and feed the dog, keep an eye on their home or even stay there overnight while they are away. Websites like Care.com, Brightstar, or Sitters Companion Care allow you to formalize your services and even offer child care and senior companion services.

Make Money With Music

Other Ways to Make Money from Music

Of course, most of my regular readers know that I also look for ways to make legitimate income working as my own boss whenever possible. Over time, I’ve discovered that things like affiliate marketing can really do the trick, and particularly if you have a passion for the industry or niche you cover.

If you are eager to make money from music, without also knowing a single instrument, you can actually use affiliate marketing to do so. Though an article I wrote about ways to profit from reselling tickets is still very valid, and something to read if you are eager to succeed in this line, I also want you to consider a more creative route.

This route has you:

  • Creating a niche website about music, sports or other activities regularly held in nearby venues and events spaces
  • Developing affiliate relationships with ticket sellers and venues
  • Using your different content to get eager attendees to purchase tickets through your links

So, it all starts with the website, and you can make it focus in on any area of music (or sports, and so on) you’d like. As I always say, though, be sure that your focus is an actual passion. You are going to talking about it a lot, and if you are only mildly interested, it is going to show. You will also lose steam a lot faster and perhaps fail to give your venture enough time to grow legs and really take off.

As an example, let’s say you are a big fan of folk music and music from the 1960s and 70s. There are still many acts performing that sort of music and they appear in venues both large and small. So, you can start to write blogs that just discuss some element of that type of music (trends, top hits from a specific year, producers, labels, and so on).

This can get you an eager audience of readers, and allow you to develop a level of authority in the eyes of search engines. However, it is also what you want to occur because your goal is to make money from music by reselling tickets to all kinds of events through the content.

How? You just develop affiliate relationships with the companies that actually sell the tickets. They want every single ticket to be sold, and your content is a great way to spread the word. Yet, as you do spread the word and help them fill seats, you are going to be able to get a cut from each sale. As one expert in this industry said, “Affiliate marketing is awesome because you get to share your passion with like minded people. You get to research and write about the best bands of all time, or the clash of sporting legends or the adventure of a lifetime.”

And you can build affiliate relationships with such groups as Ticketmaster, TicketFlyVivid Seats, Ticketor, Live Nation, Eventbrite and many more. In this way, you can write about (or make videos, podcasts, graphics and other content about) your favorite musical acts, sports teams and others, and get a nice return on each ticket that your enthusiasm and passion helps to sell.

You can make ongoing and legitimate income from music in many different ways. Put some of these methods to use today and soon, you’ll be generating a nice sum and even getting premium seats at events yourself.



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